What is the I-WE Mission?

Educating Women to Heal Themselves,
Their Relationships and the World

The I-WE Mission is to create a collective consciousness of women’s identity, worth with purpose to influence the health of our relationships and the world through spiritual leadership.

I-WE asserts: no matter our social framework, family or culture, women’s self-esteem is the determining factor in the health of the world as it is the basis for all relationships. All major transitions throughout history have been responses to questions pertaining to sexual identity, financial power, social status and human rights.

I-WE is an education clearinghouse for the ideas and efforts of wise women and forward-thinking men who assert a new voice dedicated to the health and healing of humanity by recognizing gender identity. I-WE supports the lives of girls, women as spiritual leaders and the respect of men.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “If only women ran the world, things would be different?”

They can be. I-WE’s purpose is to help you build your innate inner strength and wisdom and use it to improve yourself, your relationships and the world. Working in harmony with others, respecting, receiving and giving is about embracing and loving yourself while guiding those around you.

Open your mind to new and different ideas. I-WE offers you the opportunity for spiritual leadership through personal, professional, emotional and spiritual fulfillment. Building and fortifying your self-image and self-esteem are key to developing your inner strength. You become primed to create mutually beneficial, long-lasting, healthy relationships. By developing your wisdom, you can begin to see your relationships in a new light.

I-WE provides a guided template for women’s evolutionary development as enlightened spiritual leaders. Through the emergence of women’s evolved consciousness, we can cultivate and govern relationships well, resulting in humanity’s progress toward peaceful fulfillment.

Happy Women, Happy World

Honor, Share, and Celebrate Your Life!


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