When is I-WE Key?

Every Transition Throughout History Pertains to Questions Of Sexual Identity and Financial Power

I-We is key today and always. The most powerful message in the world is a woman’s self-worth and purpose expressed through the wisdom of her loving.

Healing the planet, balancing the power between the spiritual and physical worlds, between women and men shifts us into a consciousness of mutual respect and creates the basis for long-term joy and peace.

As we navigate, through the chaos of increasing divorce rates, neglected children, sex trafficking, a crumbling and dissolving economic world society and the speed of social media and technology, gender identity and roles are unclear, and understanding women and men’s value has become a source of instability and confusion. This uncertainty can instill fear, stemming from this lack of integrity. Particularly in times of transition, life-affirming fundamentals are necessary.

Building respect and compassion for ourselves as human beings and as women and men is the bedrock of stability. Integrity to one’s spirit and body bringing the knowledge of our identity as women and men in relation to one another in the expression of love, joy and value. Evolutionary growth and fulfillment for all is the groundwork for peace.

Honoring our worth as women, knowing we are spirit and we contain the spirit of life, we are perfect in relation to men. This is the essence of I-WE.  By claiming equal rights as human beings to secure respect, safety and fulfillment, some women long for the lost knowledge of feminine being and self-worth. Reawakening women to their power as women nurtures bonds of communication and trust returning men home. It is time to rejuvenate a community of wisdom and worth in harmony to heal the planet.

For all women, by having a collective knowledge of womanhood and embracing the value of simply being a woman is the offering of I-WE. This spiritual leadership leaves a new legacy.

This legacy incorporates:

  • An elevated consciousness of women’s moral and spiritual leadership.
  • An enlightened world honoring the spirit of women as the essential nature of all of life.
  • A new gender partnership model created through mutual respect and co-creation.
  • A heightened consciousness of self-respect for men.
  • A social evolution toward greater global peace and fulfillment.
  • A new legacy of fulfillment for our children.

Honor, Share, and Celebrate Your Life!


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