Who is I-We?

Helping Women Find Fulfillment Through
Inner Strength and Wisdom

I-WE (The Institute of Women’s Enlightenment) is a woman’s personal development multimedia family, recognizing the distinct identity of women and women’s spiritual leadership for the health of humanity.

Do you want to receive and give more in life? Solve problems and find solutions through increased self-esteem, worth, purpose, talents or joy? Would you like to be healed emotionally through greater love and connection? Yet, do you feel the need to be Super Mom, Professional, Spouse: “Superwoman?” Bringing a balance to your life in a world that expects you to be everything to everyone is not an easy task. Nor should it be your goal.

We started I-WE  to help women like you bring your inner wisdom, strength and leadership skills to light through your personal and professional fulfillment, realizing how your care affects the fulfillment of others. We call it “spiritual leadership.”

We believe that as a woman, you have an innate inner strength that can bring joy, respect and balance to all your relationships.  Through our programs, it is our goal to create a collective consciousness among women that is distinct unto itself. Cultivating your spiritual leadership will help you embrace and enhance your relationships and foster mutual respect.

It begins with creating a balance within yourself. Once you have established this, you will be better prepared to provide a healthy expression of compassion, value and respect in relationships. Intensifying and deepening your relationships creates mutually beneficial partnerships. Expanding how you see yourself in the world is your spiritual quest. Your journey will require time to incubate, to be nurtured, to mature into worthwhile commitment. It will mean taking your talents, skills, intuitiveness, and spiritual sensitivities and using them to infuse your relationships with a healthier self. As you embrace individuality and begin to love the “new you” your interactions and relationships will shift, and your compassion and respect for others will grow exponentially.

Your path to finding your authentic self and reaching your true potential is a unique experience. No two people undergo change in quite the same way. While on this quest toward spiritual leadership and personal development, you will be supported by I-WE proprietary multimedia education and entertainment materials.

I-WE is offering its ground-breaking series, The Feminine Light Journey Online Program, to help you on the path to cultivating your gender identity and self-worth. By recognizing your value as a woman, you become the critical component necessary to healing and celebrating yourself, your relationships and your place in the world. You possess the strength, the magic and the essence of life.

 The Feminine Light Journey Online Program incorporates the underlying belief that all women can develop an enlightened consciousness by virtue of being a “woman.” This is the very essence of I-WE.


Infuse your relationships with a healthier self.

Honor, Share, and Celebrate Your Life!


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