For Opportunities

For Opportunities

Providing Light and Happiness
Through Opportunity

I-WE is creating a collective consciousness of women’s identity, worth with purpose influencing the health of our relationships and the world. Through the spiritual leadership of women, grounded in the humanity of life, our own healing nature as women and the expression of the wisdom of our love, we can change the world. Relationships are life and through opportunity, we can realize our value as the spirit of the world and honor men in their support and abilities. We welcome women and men in sharing together a world of opportunity and life.

Your involvement helps us all to live with light and happiness. It begins with you.

ben5smFor Careers

Careers Are a Way of Life

I-We is dedicated to building a family of worth and respect. We value the skills, talents and abilities of our family. Each individual brings a unique gift and many times a multitude of gifts to the I-WE vision. We appreciate all who have made our family possible. As I-WE grows, we look forward to adding to our family. There are many possible roles to be filled and we delight in the opportunity to become part of your family too.

Since we are currently a start up, all family members have contributed through their goodwill to make this a reality and there are not yet any full time career positions available. We will be posting such positions when they do become available.

ben2smFor Volunteers and Interns

Purpose Through Benevolence and Vision
Shapes the World

I-We appreciates the grace that is shown through individuals who can volunteer their time, energy and talents to expanding the I-WE vision creating an even larger community. Would you like an internship opportunity? If there is synergy for you through the I-WE vision and you would like to contribute to the world, contact us and let us know more about you: what do you enjoy doing, how you would like to express your talents, when are you available and where you are located?

We especially need volunteers and interns to help with social media, public relations, marketing and relationship building, as well leaders who can organize all our other programs: The Feminine Light Counseling, Coaching and Consulting Program, The Feminine Light fashion brand, The Feminine Light Celebrations and The Feminine Light Leadership Symposiums, as well as other aspects of the I-WE vision.

Thank you for your grace!

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Honor, Share, and Celebrate Your Life!


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