Healing, Health and Humanity
Through a Global Community

The Institute of Women’s Enlightenment is building a global community of worth dedicated to the health and healing of humanity through the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical health and healing of women.

This site is for women, sisters and girls, men, brothers and boys who want to join in building community, influence themselves and the world through insight, humanity and talent. Building community means respecting the magnificence of life created together through a mutual affinity of good will and intent.

The affinity of the I-WE community starts with depth of self-love as human beings and as women and men and it is through self-love that identity and worth education reaches the world. A community of worth is one where esteem for one another is recognized. Whether known to them, all humanity has purpose and worth.  In this humanity a consciousness of respect for one another is critical to creating a global community. Although I-WE expresses feminine and masculine distinctions in terms of a new partnership model for traditional gender roles, others whose sexual orientations may differ, can also find clarity across the spectrum of worth. As role models for our children, women and men in all relationships and in community become the light of the world.

  • Is there a secret in the world that some have access to and others do not?
  • Is there an unseen power of existence that some recognize and others do not yet know?
  • Is there knowledge that some possess and others have not yet learned?

The answer is Yes. This is the knowledge of worth. A knowledge that has gone unspoken and is the underlying dynamic of all healthy relationships. I-WE shares this tacit knowledge with all people for the first time. This wisdom represents the differences in the identity and development of women from men and its power to create vital and healthy unions.

Every major transition throughout history has revolved around questions
pertaining to sexual identity as well as financial power.

Today, change is taking place on a massive scale:  financial realignment, environmental shifts, political instability and now women’s voices are being heard on a grander scale. Opportunity is always available with elements of change. Change allows us to review and reconsider the ways in which we run our lives. Now is the time when we can learn which structures are provisional and which functions should end to avoid danger. A time of change encourages us to ask new questions to find alternative solutions.

The opportunity for the I-WE community is one of distinctions where the question of  women’s and men’s worth, by their differences, are honored. When women heal their spirits and manifest their identity and worth as leaders of relationships, distinct from men, men can reclaim their self-respect.

Learning one’s worth, in compassion, respect and security, leads to joy and fulfillment. Our humanity benefits from the education of girls and women. All community begins with women as mothers and teachers of children, both girls and boys, so for women to understand the nature of their worth as distinct from men raises joy to a new level of an enlightened divine joy onward to a global fulfillment. By accepting ourselves and each other in creating a community of worth, all things will end with harmony and peace in the hearts of humankind.

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  • Take action: The Feminine Light Journey Program – learn about your path and discover the 18 Influences that women bring to any relationship.
  • Take part in Global Symposiums – make your voice heard.
  • Honor your spirit through Seminars and Retreats.
  • Find Guidance for challenges.
  • Invite Speakers to your organization or group.
  • Create a Feminine Light Group or Celebration.
  • Surround your life with beauty by Creating your environment–Shop The Feminine Light.

Say to yourself and the world, “My spirit matters!”

Honor, Share, and Celebrate Your Life!



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