For Men, Brothers, Boys

The Innate Partnership Between Women and Men, Supporting and Respecting the Value of Men

It’s time for women to come into the consciousness of their worth and join forces with men who honor the spirit of women and together find greater peace and fulfillment.

On this site, you’ll enhance your understanding of women as inspirational partners. This connection with women, sisters and girls creates a path toward manifesting your life’s happiness and contentment. You can experience the innocence of love to secure your worth as men, as siblings and as noble fathers shaping the world.

Men, brothers and boys who realize the importance of creating a global community of gender-worth, both recognizing and supporting the value of women, sisters and girls, and their own masculine strength. For these men, their worth is honored by protecting, providing, appreciating and caring for spirit through their own unique abilities. They understand the education of girls and women leads to a global community of worth; a world that is governed by mutual respect.

For men and women, worth is established differently and this recognition is key to unlocking man’s happiness. The power of evolved men is not threatened by these subtle distinctions, but credits women as the inspirational source for the life they want to create. When men defer to the spirit of this connection and women take responsibility for their spiritual well-being, humanity can achieve equality of respect. This dignifies feminine and masculine relations and makes possible the foundation for happy partnerships–a happy world.

Fulfillment is secured by balancing power between physical and spiritual realms of existence, between men and women in their own natural states of value. Men who affirm women in the light of their own value claim their masculine identity with integrity:

  • Engaging their own worth.
  • Enabling respectful co-creation.
  • Sharing resources equitably.
  • Shifting a limited mindset of “what’s in it for me” to a personal and communal understanding of masculine health and happiness.
  • Completing themselves by recognizing increased opportunity through esteemed spiritual partnership.
  • Establishing an increased sense of well-being and good will.
  • Providing a fundamental support system for the spirit of the world.

The question of self-validation and worth becomes one in which “success” is manifested through personal abilities and a contented self and lifestyle that supports and embraces women in their ability to express purpose and joy. This represents men’s true potential to find greater meaning in life than warring through competition and struggling for power. Men’s contribution to women expressing happiness and contentment confirms their worth as men. This awareness is fundamental to the evolutionary health of the planet and is the key to bringing us out of chaos into a more stable and fulfilled world for all.

I-WE is for men, brothers and boys who value understanding or want to realize the meaning of happy wife, happy life; “Happy Women, Happy World” and is a tribute to men who honor themselves.

Honor, Share, and Celebrate Your Life!


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