For Women, Sisters, Girls

For Women

Knowledge of the Self Begins at Home,
No Matter Where Home is Around the World

Women’s identity and development provides the inspiration and the spirit needed to transform the world – “Happy Women, Happy World.”

On this site, you can explore your self-worth and purpose, better your relationships, celebrate your joy and find support in a community of influence which shares a vision of enlightenment. I-WE offers women a place to share their unique contributions to the world and to know their value as women and why.

For women in the United States and around the world, I-WE offers support and encouragement to primarily three emotional types of women:

  •  The woman who wants to receive and give more in life. Women in this category may have a solid foundation for their happiness, sense of worth and purpose, yet may want to understand why or how to live it more fully. These women may want more of an intellectual and philosophical foundation for their identity or simply to be “in the know.” Also, they may need to be leaders, to contribute more to the world encompassing a broader scale of participation or be more effective in their community. I-WE affirms these contributions..
  • The woman who wants to solve problems by finding solutions through increased self-esteem, self-worth, purpose, talents or joy. Women in this category may at times not feel seen, valued or valuable either personally or culturally. They can be disrespected, abused, abandoned or lost. For these women, happiness may be elusive, there may be just glimpses of happiness, little or no happiness. Many of these women are healing from divorce or trauma or are feeling overwhelmed by uncertainties, struggles or life’s workload. Some may need to learn how to feel safe and happy in their bodies while others strive to discover value, purpose, joy and expression, to respect themselves, respect men and be respected in the world. These women may be fighters or defenders of worth. Strong capable women can benefit from having a broader understanding of their developmental journey, leading toward a deeper more fulfilling identity. I-WE provides a road map for this new woman.
  • The woman who wants to be healed through love and connection. Women in this category may want to connect with other women to support and encourage one another and to find a common thread of humanity that bonds and empowers. However, some women in this category use emotions to demean other women or men. This behavior is not motivated by play or joy but is a result of a damaged spirit due to their experience of power abuse or emotional neglect. These women often become abusive out of spite because they know no other way. To realize themselves as human beings in need of compassion is the starting point for healing spirit. The concept of respect must be learned to love well in the world. I-WE nurtures the woman’s unique journey toward acceptance, love and healing.

The emotional energy women embody and express influences the world. Our makeup is subtle, complex, simple and profound. In all the ways we express ourselves; we impact our lives. There are 18 specific influences women give men. By knowing how to value ourselves, we can make a deliberate, harmonious choice that will create greater love and peace in the world.

I-WE fosters a new understanding of our own self-love, self-worth, esteem, purpose, talents and joy not only for ourselves, but for our relationships with other women, with men and as role models for girls, leaving a new legacy for the world.

I-WE is for all women who want to create a better life.

Honor, Share, and Celebrate Your Life!


For Sisters

As Sisters, We Can Create a Better Life

On this site you can bring out your voice and share your vision.

•    What is your spirit on this planet to express? In that expression are you experiencing joy?
•    Are you experiencing joy in your relationships?
•    Are you experiencing joy in your talents or through leadership?
•    Are you experiencing joy in artistic form and expression?

I-WE provides contextual support to like-minded visions and voices of all women – in Sister Womanhood. One Voice Creation means greater influence. We are saying thank you to the many women and groups of women who are coming together and contributing to this present day shift in a global evolutionary consciousness that embraces the feminine spirit by honoring and recognizing one another in peace and value.

We are building community together one woman at a time, and we would like to welcome you in creating that One Voice, a union of Sister Womanhood. Sister Womanhood recognizes the power and worth of men, while recognizing the importance of women as the bringers of life, love and joy.

I-WE is for a community of Sister Womanhood who want to live more in purpose and joy.

Honor, Share, and Celebrate Your Life!

For Girls

Celebrating the Innocence and Beauty of Worth!

On this site you can create your own destiny and know your importance while having fun with other young women who want to celebrate their lives.

The self-esteem of girls is necessary to the health of society. I-WE shares an understanding with girls, encouraging emerging women to develop their identities to gain greater participation in the world. I-WE recognizes girls’ special strengths and values so often underdeveloped and undervalued. The Feminine Light Journey teaches wisdom and purpose of applied leadership combined with self-responsibility.This self-awareness aims to help young women navigate through life. It provides a much needed support system and foundational framework of self-worth. By offering a container for self-understanding and a model of development, girls can learn to value themselves, their spirit, purpose, talents as well as abilities. They can learn to be responsible for their joy. I-WE seeks to protect and mentor the integrity of youthful feminine spirit and unfolding wisdom, to encourage young women to become aware of themselves and find purpose. I-WE offers role models and education for girls, preparing them to establish themselves in a dignified and honorable manner. Girls become the women who influence social change.

The necessity to balance technological advances with the importance of humanity determines our effectiveness to move forward in life in a healthy way. Women teach girls to lead and build relationships. The substance of relationships are guided by women’s knowledge and ability to value spirit and bring forth a vision of happiness so their relationships are nurtured by a depth of feeling and joy.

  • For girls, young women, what would you like to learn, share and be the source of in your life?
  • What brings you happiness?
  • How do you want to be supported?
  • Who are the boys that you like?
  • What do you do to get attention from them? How do you want to feel about yourself?
  • How do you want to feel appreciated?

I-WE is for girls called to wisdom who are seeking answers to these questions.

Honor, Share, and Celebrate Your Life!


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