Empowering The Joy Within

Count your blessings…name ten attributes of yourself that you appreciate. These can be anything that you like about yourself from your hair color, your laughter, your abilities, your relationships to your desires, your character, or even your vulnerabilities or problems that you have resolved. Reflecting on the present moment brings graciousness and vibrancy to the aspects of your life that resonate with you. When you embrace what you do have and nurture those elements of your life that empower you, good things begin to happen. We all have difficulties, some are more severe than others, yet when facing challenges, keeping our heart and mind strong enables us to live a more balanced life.











Once you have made this list, take one of your items and for a day express gratitude for and appreciation of that portion of joy that you have honored in your life. Take the time to really understand that joy. What part of it gives you a sense of fulfillment? Is it something that you can expand and develop? Would you like to develop it? Or is it a static expression? Does it offer the possibility of a greater joy? Is it something you cherish? Is it connected to a Higher Power? Does it reveal something about your nature? Have you recognized it before?

If your joy has to do with relationships, what kind of relationships do you like to nurture? What are the specific attributes that are important to you in developing relationships? What is the kind of joy that you experience in relationships? Is that relationship supportive of your joy or in what ways is it supportive?

When you experience joy, either simply or magnificently, are there similar requirements that become the foundation for that expression of joy? Are there key elements that you can recognize as essential? Does the feeling of joy guide you in the creation of honoring yourself?

Now for ten days, honor each of your joys for a day. Perhaps you might want to celebrate that joy and create a ritual for it. Create the possibilities… If the softness of your skin is one of your elements, perhaps a bubble bath to celebrate, or if it’s your wisdom, a candlelight ceremony; if your family, a special dinner; be as creative as you like and as profound. Find that connection to the joy within…

Stephany Lane Yarbrough

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