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Time allows us to evolve from Chaos into a life that can be lived well. Women have always lived in the dignity of their bodies. Our experience of time as women has been to wait and to gestate.

  • Can we now move beyond time and give birth to ourselves?
  • Can we come into an era of our own enlightenment and transform the world?
  • What if as women we all had been given the answers to live happy and contented lives, to cherish moments of discovery and to excel in the ways that matter most to us both individually and collectively?
  • What if we all could be enlightened and appreciate mutual contentment as well as the use of resources to provide for the well being of humanity even beyond our needs for survival and to advance the humanity of all human beings to live in peace?

The question remains is peace possible?

  • Do we value the notion of peace to learn how best to manifest it for ourselves and for our relationships in the world?
  • Is it possible for humanity to evolve?
  • Is it possible for us to live in peace with ourselves?
  • Is it possible for us to become enlightened to ourselves as women?

All of life begins with the individual, with a consciousness that provides for the ability to mature well in life. But do we have a map for understanding this process of maturity, this process toward enlightenment?

  • Can we develop this map and evolve humanity emotionally and spiritually like we invent new technologies that advance our mental and physical possibilities?
  • Can we learn about ourselves as our own resource to live our lives well?
  • Can we better understand our human development and growth toward maturity to learn to be at peace with ourselves?

Is there a secret to this understanding?

Have you ever wondered if there is more to life, or have you felt like there was something missing?

  • Is there a secret in the world that some access and others do not?
  • Is there an unseen power of existence that some recognize and others do not yet know?
  • Is there knowledge that some possess and others have not yet learned?

In a word, the answer is “Yes.” 

This secret is the tacit knowledge of worth and enlightened consciousness—a knowledge that has gone unspoken and is the underlying dynamic of all healthy relationships. For the first time in history, i-We illuminates and voices this powerful knowledge for those who want to see and hear it. This pioneering wisdom distinguishes the differences in worth and identity development between women and men, formulating a new consciousness, bringing the past into the present for another choice to live our lives well. 

This is a choice of enlightenment. Enlightenment is the mature expression of the self while social enlightenment is the ability to mature together well. As we are all artists of our own consciousness, human beings have the ability to transform life into our own making. As William Shakespeare, one of the finest playwrights in the English language, wrote “ We are the makers of manners” and as English poet Arthur O’Shaughnessy penned,  “We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.”

Nurturing oneself and creating the world through a heart-centered approach to life is an expression of enlightenment. But how do we discover enlightenment?

Every Transition Throughout History Pertains to Questions of Sexual Identity, Financial Power, Social Status, and Human Rights

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Today, we are experiencing global socio-political transitions. Change is taking place on a massive scale: environmental shifts, political instability, and the cry of people for the validation of worth on a very deep level. Speaking loudly are women’s voices wanting and needing to be heard on a larger scale. They are crying out for safety, value, influence, choice,  joy, and to love. They are crying out for a consciousness to provide and to care.

As we navigate, through the chaos of increasing change: political leadership, social imperatives, the speed of social media and technological advancements, economic uncertainties, and environmental issues of survival, we find ourselves either angry in the defense of our values or at a loss to address influences affecting humanity: political-social injustices, terrorism, violence, fraud, financial insecurity, increased divorce rates, the neglect of children, sex trafficking, gender-sexual identity confusion, and emotional as well as physical ill health.

Opportunity is always available with change. Change allows us to review and reconsider the ways in which we run our lives. Now is the time when we can learn which structures are provisional and which functions should end to avoid danger. A time of change encourages us to ask new questions to find alternative solutions with a possible gateway to enlightenment.

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Although there has been an increased acceptance of humanity at large and particularly of those who have experienced life differently or who have been marginalized by social power, our differences are now seen by some as more of a hindrance. The question of how we can foster development through our distinctions is paramount.

When there are no differences, life is not possible.  Without differences, there would be no life to exchange, only the will to secure resources by force or manipulation.

One such distinction, the most fundamental, can be found in understanding the differences between women and men. This lack of distinction has become a source of instability and confusion. This uncertainty can instill fear, particularly in times of transition, and life-affirming fundamentals are necessary. Building respect and compassion for ourselves as human beings and as women and men is the bedrock of enlightenment.

Which is more valuable for our ability to survive and thrive: the understanding of better relationships or the advancement of productivity and mastering the physical world?

Healing the planet requires an acceptance of distinctions and balancing the power between the relational and physical worlds, between darkness and light, between the spiritual and physical, between women and men. The stable maturation of a mutual respect for distinction ultimately creates the basis for enlightenment.

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As women, we all have a fundamental role in creating change, particularly in times of transition, either on an individual or global level. Right now, more than ever, a new approach is needed to address the problems of humanity: survival, the disease of victimization, unhappiness, wounded integrity, fear, and a consciousness that has not evolved.  We speed through chaos and use social media and technological advances to increase contact capabilities, we place a value on the external, but we have weakened our spiritual knowledge and the bonds of communication and connection. We have diminished the truth and power of our feminine being and the enlightenment of womanhood.

Our enlightenment, regardless of time, is to be at peace with ourselves as women in our worth, purpose, and joy and through our evolving relationships express that unity which is within ourselves as a service to benefit others.


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Increasingly, it is important to reconnect women to themselves, to each other and to humanity. Renewing and strengthening the spirit and the wisdom of women creates vital unions. Women are the containers and source of life, the creators of meaning through family and community, the vessels of love, the muses, the messengers and the connection with divine joy. The enlightenment of humanity depends upon the enlightenment of women to see beyond themselves and to gather as a collective for the evolution of humankind.

The whole world benefits when women have equal rights as human beings and are valued as embodiments of enlightened love. Women’s spiritual enlightenment makes unions and partnerships possible, sustaining community through a collaborative peace and joy. As women, the expansion of our love, through security in the wisdom of our worth, kindles the fire of our own unique contributions and transmutes our power to heal the world.

The key to unlocking our own enlightenment is to acknowledge our self-worth, purpose, and spiritual leadership.

As a leader in the movement for the empowerment and enlightenment of women, i-We is bringing women globally together to voice a collective vision of worth that respects man, co-creates fulfilling relationships, and offers a new legacy for our children and their progeny.


Our time has come!



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