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i-Us is an education clearinghouse for the ideas and efforts of wise women and forward-thinking men who assert a new voice dedicated to the health and healing of humanity by recognizing gender identity. And through our own conscious evolution ….. toward enlightenment through maturity we can foster….


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Time allows us to evolve from Chaos into a life that is lived well. Can we transform the world through our own Enlightenment?


What if we all had been given the answers to live happy and contented lives, to cherish moments of discovery and to excel in the ways that matter most to us both individually and collectively? How can we appreciate mutual contentment and the use of resources to provide for the well being of humanity even beyond our needs for survival and to advance the humanity of all human beings to live in peace?


The question remains is peace possible? Do we value the notion of peace to learn how best to manifest it for ourselves and for our relationships in the world? Is it possible for humanity to evolve? Is it possible for us to understand that the nature of goodwill is based upon our ability to see value in all people and to respect joy in life?


All of life begins with the individual, with a consciousness that provides for the ability to mature well in life. But do we have a map for understanding this process of maturity? Can we develop this map and evolve humanity emotionally and spiritually like we invent new technologies that advance our mental and physical possibilities?


Can we learn about ourselves as our own resource to live our lives well?

This is a map to understand better our human development and growth toward maturity.


Is there a secret?


Have you ever wondered if there is more to life, or have you felt like there was something missing?


  • Is there a secret in the world that some access and others do not?
  • Is there an unseen power of existence that some recognize and others do not yet know?
  • Is there knowledge that some possess and others have not yet learned?

In a word, the answer is “Yes.” But how do we discover it?


This secret is the tacit knowledge of worth and enlightened consciousness—a knowledge that has gone unspoken and is the underlying dynamic of all healthy relationships. For the first time in history, i-Us illuminates and voices this powerful knowledge for those who want to see and hear it. This pioneering wisdom distinguishes the differences in worth and identity development between women and men, formulating a new consciousness, bringing the past into the present for another choice to live well in our lives..


This is a choice of enlightenment . Enlightenment is the mature expression of the self. Social enlightenment is the ability to mature together well and as artists of our consciousness, human beings have the ability to transform life from our own making. As the most well known …… from Western culture, Shakespeare has written “ We are the makers of manners and dreams”.


Together, we create our life, we are all human beings and we all matter…


Yet we are different and live in a world of polarities.


We live in a world of darkness and light, of the unknown and consciousness. Our task in life is to bring light to our consciousness and mature in our humanity to live life with purpose and peace.


The darkness that humanity works with has both negative or disadvantageous and positive or beneficial sides. A few of the negative symptoms of darkness, whether found in individuals or cultures, are:


  • Fears and phobias
  • Workaholic or No work debilitations
  • Addictions
  • The lack of freedom to learn, to speak, or to take action???
  • Depression, anger, and other emotional tensions
  • Weight gain and other health concerns
  • Conscious lack of integrity
  • Celibacy plagued by guilt, shame, or disrespect


  •   Exhaustion
  •   Boredom and confusion
  •   Impatience with the tempo of personal transformation
  •   Distaste for the work necessary to discover the light
  •   Victimization by self or others
  •   Physical, sexual, emotional and/or spiritual abuse

Any time we are “stuck” in a negative situation, depending on the energy force involved in that negative experience, by becoming an artist of one’s soul, we are given the opportunity for growth and self-illumination. To do this, we must understand and be able to work with the medium of darkness.

The beneficial aspects of darkness are made possible by the very essence of darkness. The unknown is the foundation for light. It is the fertile ground of any creation; it is the beginning; it is the seed of illumination and the passage of self-illumination. If we are able to take the leap, illumination is made possible by discovering and answering questions about who we are: physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and socially in ways that honor our true identity.  


For some, this process of identifying ourselves may be easy while for others it might be quite difficult. Yet, the difficulty is in itself the potential for greater transformation and requires an even stronger commitment of the soul. Any transformation entails moving into darkness and then bringing truth to light: the truth of the soul. Darkness can be seen then as a gift in itself. This gift is given to each and every one of us so that we may transform it into our own light.


Another and most fundamental polarity, the essence of our creation, is gender. If we were to better understand and bring to conscious light gender identity, worth, and purpose, the very dynamic of life, we would have a greater opportunity to fulfill our lives in a peaceful humanity.


Every Transition Throughout History Pertains to Questions Of Sexual Identity, Financial Power, Social Status, and Human Rights


Healing the planet requires balancing the power between the spiritual and physical worlds, between darkness and light, between women and men and gives us this opportunity that can shift us into a consciousness of mutual respect which ultimately creates the basis for long-term joy and peace.


As we navigate, through the chaos of increasing change: political leadership, social imperatives,  the speed of social media and technological advancements, a crumbling and dissolving economic world society, and environmental issues of survival, we find ourselves at a loss to address the influences affecting humanity that have increased such as terrorism, violence, fraud, financial insecurity, divorce rates, the neglect of children, sex trafficking, gender identity confusion and emotional as well as physical ill health. Although the acceptance of humanity at large and our differences has been fostered and the importance of that acceptance  alternative community, diasabbilities, marginalized, etc others? Jim’s statement if there are no differences….!!!! ro/////, the understanding women and men’s value has become a source of instability and confusion. This uncertainty can instill fear, stemming from this lack of integrity. Particularly in times of transition, life-affirming fundamentals are necessary…and spatial relationship growth is as or more important to our ability to survive and thrive as is??? Linear advancements in the physical world.


Building respect and compassion for ourselves as human beings and as women and men is the bedrock of stability. Integrity to one’s spirit and body bringing the knowledge of our identity as women and men in relation to one another in the expression of love, joy, and value.


Evolutionary growth and fulfillment for all is the groundwork for peace.


And a legacy for humanity that incorporates:


  • An elevated consciousness of women’s moral and spiritual leadership.
  • An enlightened world honoring the spirit of women as the essential nature of all of life.
  • A heightened consciousness of self-respect for men.
  • A greater understanding /compassion/ acceptance/support for bringing darkness                   into light …..through types of suffering alternative/disabilities/marginalized
  • A new gender partnership model created through mutual respect and co-creation.
  • A social evolution toward greater global peace and fulfillment.
  • A solid foundation for the fulfillment of our children’s lives to create their own legacy.


This portal is the entrance to our growth as human beings…to the consciousness of our own humanity, a meta consciousness of life, reflecting upon itself as art reflects the life of our own creation.


Can humanity move from the symptoms of our own disease

Symptoms : victimization, etc.


And live the solution of our lives?  Can we experience and come to know principles of life and its polarity on such a deep level that we can become enlightened in our lives and in the sharing of our lives with others? Can we become enlightened in our own consciousness?


Please enter this portal as an artist of your own soul. Although our focus has been in providing the solution as women, which is our first offering, we will be providing balanced keys to men and to the alternative community.


For women….


For men….


For the Alternative Community…



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