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We Became a Family to Grow

Families are about commonality, shared gifts and talents, learning and teaching love through the acceptance of one another’s humanity. Though a family tree is normally considered ancestry, our family tree represents the individuals who have contributed greatly to the expression of the i-We vision. This tree shows the inside of our family from birth, our ongoing development, and who we are.


Visionary Coordinator

I-WE founder – Stephany Lane Yarbrough

earned a Ph.D. in Psychology from Union Institute and University in 1991, specifically in the field of Human Development Through the Lifespan. As a theoretician, she proposed a new model of identity development – Boundaries: Identity Formation, Maintenance and Management.

This groundbreaking work was the foundation for her postdoctoral work in Women’s Studies. Yarbrough, over the course of the last twenty years, has systematically researched and formulated a comprehensive body of knowledge. This proprietary content illuminates women’s identity and our transformational shift toward personal development and spiritual leadership.

Dr. Yarbrough has lectured at The American Institute of Medical Education and The Personal Construct Psychology Institute. Stephany wrote and produced a play for young women at the United Nation’s 50th Anniversary in San Francisco. In November 2011, through I-WE, she organized The Feminine Light in the Middle East Symposium in Los Angeles that was designed to promote the strategic work of I-WE, nonprofits, businesses, and unique individuals who realize that women are key to bringing a greater peace to that region. Stephany is also the daughter of folk singer, Glenn Yarbrough, a founding member of The Limelighters, the voice of The Hobbit and Baby The Rain Must Fall which has inspired her philosophical and artistic sensibilities.

The emotional catalyst for I-WE can be found in the forthcoming e-book titled,  A Revery: From Innocence Toward Enlightenment.


Educational Coordinators

Academics Advisor – Michael Station

grew up near Chicago and moved to California when he was twenty-five. History and biography were his childhood reading passions, leading him to an AA degree in Language Arts and a MA in History. He has taught American history, multicultural studies and women’s history at Butte College in California for more than twenty years.  Michael brings enthusiasm to turning ideas into words.

Michael reconnected with his friend Stephany Yarbrough after 30 years, immediately drawn to the I-WE effort and goals.  Station’s reading of  history, recognizes a broader place for women–one which embraces the value and worth women have always possessed yet rarely understood.

Michael is also an accomplished musician with a particular affinity for American love songs which give him another unique perspective on and aspirations for relationships happily singing, “They All Laughed.”

Educational Technology Specialist – Martha Robles-Furgason

was born in Mexico and from age 11 lived in Los Angeles. She earned her BA in English and Masters Degree in Educational Technology. Martha has taught English and English as a Second Language, for twenty years. Because her parents needed to learn English to navigate daily life,  she honors the struggles and dedication that her students demonstrate every time they enter the classroom. Like her parents believed, the ability to learn language is a lifelong pursuit.

Martha brings her passion for teaching to The Feminine Light Journey Online Program educational design to nurture all women building stronger relationships and community. She is intrigued with the importance of that “light” which women have failed to connect with, use, or value in creating relationships.

Like her father who sought perfection, Martha knows that no such thing exists which can be seen or touched except a perfect row of knitted stitches.  Knitting connects her to generations of women seeking perfection and practicality from a ball of yarn.

Technological and Artistic Coordinators

Web Designer – Christian Nolan

received his degree from UC Irvine and has been in the field of information technology since 1999 as an IT manager, director and consultant. He is co-owner of a cutting-edge technology media firm and Consulting Director of World Education University which offers 43 different online degree and certificate programs and 341 courses.

A father of a teenage daughter and a good listener to women, Christian knows the relevance of timing and good judgement. As Consulting Information Coordinator, he shares his patience, problem solving and insightful perspective to keep I-WE contemporary–a 21st century daughter.

A practitioner of meditation, Christian, listens for the time of peace when cyberspace becomes one with the universe.

Web Designer-Artist – Deb Augur

studied graphic arts and writing in college and began her career as lead production artist and editor for a national magazine based in Southern California and later become Director of a Las Vegas advertising agency until the late 90s. Since 2001, she has been a full time web developer and has worked with a variety of clients from multi-million dollar corporations to startups.

Joining  I-We, Deb feels a special kinship with its team as she greatly identifies with women’s issues, including confidence, self-esteem and work-life balance. She now brings her talents to create a visual experience helping women around the world embrace their true value and joy.

Being a “vagabond” at heart, Deb is well-traveled, living in 11 states and 53 different cities (oh my). When she finally settled down in the beautiful Pacific Northwest she dedicated herself to achieving her longtime dream of owning her own business. Today, she would be the first to tell any wantrepreneur, “Just go for it!”

Technology Specialist – James Tucci

holds an undergraduate Degree in Physics emphasizing optical engineering and studied motion picture production at UCLA. He is an original founder and Chief Technology Officer of a storage-solution design company where he is responsible for product research and development. James has worked on over 60 Feature Films.

As a keen observer of life, James appreciates the magnitude of the I-WE vision and brings his expertise to film development, conceptual design, entrepreneurship and technological know how.

He’s the go-to guy to make things work!

(He also worked for NASA on the Project Galileo where he personally built the Star Tracker on the probe and has been a member of Mensa International as well as a runner-up to the ‘84 Sabre Olympic Team.)

Online Marketing Specialist – Ken Vitto

was born, raised and still lives within a 50 mile radius in Southern California. He grew up with a hometown mentality and formed many friendships that have lasted over 40 years. His parents taught you never have to lie to get ahead in life and you should always treat others as you would like to be treated. This way of life for Ken proved his parents correct: honesty and integrity have a place in one’s personal life and in business as well. Ken views and supports I-WE as a new foundation for integrity.

Ken will never admit he is old, but he did take the first computer class ever offered at his high school. Little did he know that this new contraption, “the computer,” would play a large role in his business career. He was also an early adopter of the Internet. Since the 1990’s, Ken has been in Internet development, online marketing and management. He specializes in search engine optimization and pay per click, as well as digital public relations, email marketing, channel marketing distribution and social networking, particularly for vegetarian bowlers.

Relation Coordinators

I-WE Ambassador – Aleya Coolidge

graduated from Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA with a BA in French Language and Literature.  With a keen interest in Theology and Spirituality, Aleya ventured out from her rich Muslim roots through a brief flirtation with existentialism, Buddhism and onto Christianity and beyond, earning her Masters in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica.

Aleya is the proud mother of two very accomplished and willful 21st century women and has struggled with what it means to be a fully realized woman in a world that emphasizes a male dominated way of doing things.  One daughter is an uncompromising feminist while the other embodies the traditions associated with the adjective “Feminine.” Aleya is a little of both, but her daughters have been raised to honor their own truths and seek their own answers.

For Aleya, I-WE is about giving girls and women of all ages a different way of seeing, defining and honoring themselves within the context of their rich cultures and traditions. She has been fortunate to live and travel in various parts of the world. Aleya recognizes the value of women everywhere and was proud to help facilitate the first I-WE Symposium The Feminine Light in the Middle East in Los Angeles which was held  at Century Plaza Hotel on The International Day For Tolerance.

Aleya’s diverse background as a spiritual scholar, writer, commercial real estate agent, mother, relationship coordinator and friend to all invests the I-WE family with grace and benevolence.

I-WE Ambassador – Kerri McManus

earned her M.A. in Visual and Media Arts from Emerson College, Boston.  She moved to Los Angeles shortly thereafter and worked as a Production Coordinator and Associate Producer before moving into academia.  For over a decade, Kerri has worked as an academic administrator with a focus on internship advising and student services.

Kerri brings to I-WE a love for discovering women’s stories and how each of these stories connects women to their life purpose.

McManus first met Dr. Yarbrough at a 6:00 AM, women’s boot camp in 2008.  That boot camp not only prompted Kerri’s first half marathon, but led her to a marathon friendship and working relationship with Stephany.  It just goes to show that it pays to get up with the sun!

Watch this page for family member updates.


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