The Feminine Light for Spiritual Leadership

A 12-Week Passage To Be the Spiritual Leader of Your Life

Discover the Power of Your truth as a Woman and Be the Solution



Heal an obsolete awareness of your identity as a woman and transform the significance of your life to powerfully impact the health of all your relationships, starting with the one you have with yourself.
The basic human need for self-awareness and identity compels individuals to search for answers. Join Human Developmental Research Psychologist and Facilitator Stephany Lane Yarbrough through The Feminine Light Journey – Trust in the value of your expression to experience the life that you want.

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This 12-week Spiritual Leadership Passage gives you the opportunity to realise the gifts of your truth and to become a leader of relationship, the first  relationship begins with yourself. This Passage is designed for those women who…
  1. want more from life to realise fulfilment, but either don’t know what it is, are too exhausted from responsibilities to make the time to listen for what it might be or are too busy in their lives to even think about the possibility of a more enriching life,
  2. know that the meaning of their lives and talents can be shared bringing more joy into their lives and into their relationships, but do not know how to get from point A to point B…Or
  3. have a burning desire to contribute, create, mentor and lead with other women building upon visions that support humanity in ways that point toward something greater than ourselves

Do You Want To Live Your Light…and Be Safe and Happy?

We are at a tipping point for evolutionary social change by the ever increasing numbers of women who want more and are seeking answers.

These questions are relevant to women and to today:

  1. What do women want? What do you want as a woman?
  2. How can women move away from victim-hood or identity confusion and be able to create change of significance in their own lives, the lives of others, and to humanity as a whole?
  3. How can women be a collective voice for the health and maturity of humanity?
  4. Can relationships be healthy and fulfilling?
  5. Can we leave a legacy of peace for our children, a platform from which they can create their own lives of fulfilment?
  6. How can women become the solution?
The Institute of Women’s Enlightenment otherwise known as I-WE answers these questions of women’s essential happiness, self-worth with purpose, moving toward humanity’s greater peace and fulfillment. Through cultivating, recognizing, and respecting the distinction between the sexes, I-WE speaks to the health of relationships, and ultimately the health of humanity. The underlying research is an understanding of how to bring polarities together through energy and matter structuring chaos into peace.

The importance of women’s consciousness in recognizing the distinction between the sexes and initiating leadership to create an optimum partnership that guides the health of humanity is essential to the evolution of humanity.

Have you ever felt confused that You Knew there was more to your life, but could not put your finger on what was missing?

That it almost feels like you’re doomed to live a life of perpetual fear, uncertainty and stress…

And that no matter where you turn, the options of your life are limiting and you are not able to embrace with the fullness of your heart your unique expression or have the impact in your relationships and in the world that you want… and a life that will not threaten: a loss of meaningful relationship, health, stability, competency, autonomy or happiness.

That somehow you feel subconsciously bound to an unhappy contract, one  that you had no part of creating and that does not represent you or the who you know to be.

And yet,

You want to be responsible, you want to care for yourself and others, you want to live a life of happiness and financial well being, and most importantly you want to know how to live a purposeful life of contribution and contentment.

And as the time of our lives go by, we can feel increasingly hopeless and distressed, even with our so called feminine emancipation… (However necessary it was for women and for the evolution of our humanity).

And we can feel lost as if the solution that we thought would set us free just brings more struggle with the need to continue fighting…

And there is more anger in the world and ever increasing violence…

And we no longer feel we are the solution and can feel increasingly helpless or increasingly selfish…

And that cycle too seems endless. It is as if we have nowhere to turn for a solution.

We look outward and think to ourselves… Perhaps the advancement of technology will be our solution and that which is external might be the power we want for ourselves. In giving a greater value to that which is outside of us, we give up our power, the power of The Feminine Light. This is a human problem, a relationship problem, and a problem of humanity, a problem that can be solved through The Feminine Light and through women.

Imagine, if you will can be the permanent solution.What if we can find a way to be true to ourselves as women and transform our personal as well as collective struggle from searching in the dark for a consciousness of truth that confirms our own efficacy, distinct from men, and  provides us with the ability to become the heart of development and a force for progress, sustainability, and peace.

Is there a way out from fear, the uncertainty of safety, confusion and exhaustion?

If you could have access to any knowledge that you don’t already possess and which would propel you into a life that would fulfill your dreams of ultimate relationship happiness and a life of efficacy and contentment, what do you think that knowledge would be and would you want it?

Would you want a way to live your happiness and…

Experience the depth of your knowledge as a woman

Not be confused

Have access to your deeper knowledge and maturity

Own what you have accomplished

Trust your success

Fulfill your purpose of finding a soulmate

Turn on your voice

Validate yourself

Have greater respect for women and what they provide

Stop getting blamed and shame

Have women be given a fair shake

Ease the frustration of menstruation

Honor the dignity of the worth of man

Be the heart of development and a force for progress, sustainability, and peace

Know your clear identity and make allowances too

Know your deeper potential and creative contribution

Feel ok with taking the initiative in personal relationship

Be honest with yourself

Transform fear of failure into success

Have a personal and global purpose

Be valued

Become unbiased toward the sex of your children

Have the option to work after marriage

Realize your fears about your self worth and turn them into a value for yourself

Have a voice
Embrace your self-acceptance

Accept unconditionally who you are

Be ok with the inherent differences between women and men

Be heard

Trust yourself

Be yourself as a woman

Resolve issues of weight and self acceptance

Release fears and address concerns of health

Believe in your own efficacy

Define your boundaries

Protect your autonomy

Be strong as a woman and embrace the strength of your femininity

Speak your truth

Determine your own future

Be comfortable living your dream in relation to others

Communicate more effectively

Think on your own

Stop shouldering so much caregiving responsibility that you become exhausted

Manage your time and values easily

Support reproductive rights

Defend or fight for success

Have the option to work after marriage

Know how to respect yourself and be respected

Voice what you want

Come first

Have prosperity

Have a fuller representation in the political system

Stop your fear of violence in order to be able to participate in politics

Have more affordable and competent child care

Have more laws mandating paid sick and parental leave

Get the media to fuel a movement for girls

Get access to free birth control

Have passed the ERA and CEDAW in the United States

Prevent sexual harassment in public

Stop family sexual abuse

Protect women and their dowry

Get a cheap haircut

Keep women in high tech jobs

Have  adequate representation and equal pay for women in the entertainment industry

Have adequate representation at the top of corporations and who serve on board

End discrimination in academia

Elevate 70 M women and children who are on the poverty line

Finalize the issue with the gender wage gap

Protect the health and rights of children

Prevent child marriage

Have adequate maternal and infant care

Prevent violence against women particularly in their home

Stop violence against women

Stop human trafficking and sex slavery

Have better treatment of women in prison

Have clean water and sanitation

Have increased health insurance for all women

Have greater access to education

Be heard

Transform the lack of self-worth, purpose, and leadership into increased compassion, truth, value,


Connect fundamentally to the core essence of who you are as a woman…

This offering is the easiest way to end the vicious cycle of darkness and embrace your Feminine Light.

First of all, let me ask you this:

Do you think that there might be a some understanding of gender identity, maturity, and health that fosters life?

Are social ills, dis-ease, violence, and unhappiness caused by unconsciousness?

Do women have a special purpose and leadership role in manifesting the health of humanity?

Can relationships move into enlightenment and fulfilment?

Can women spearhead this consciousness for humanity?

I-We is about all the things our mothers never knew to tell us, but had in their hearts the desire of… The Feminine Light to share.

I-WE is a global hub for growth, health, and fulfilment.  We are a multimedia edutainment family that provides across the board programs, products, and services geared toward a quantum leap in identity consciousness, worth, maturity, and happiness to live our lives better in a relationship of peace.

Our priority is the well being of your life.

I-WE welcomes positive co-creation.

You Did Not Choose to live without a roadmap… for your life’s journey as a woman and understanding your higher self as a valuable contribution…
It simply has not been our time.

What if I told you, this lack of a roadmap and all its associated anxiety was not your decision, but has more to do with our evolutionary timing and our ability to understand and participate in the creation of our humanity?

That this struggle to find something that is lacking and move toward an enlightened consciousness, one that reveals our truth as women and sets us free… to live our lives with the dignity of love, has really been simply about time. Just like when planting a tree to bear fruit, it takes time for the fruit to mature.

The fruit of our consciousness has been maturing. For each and every one of us as women, we have learned to that there is a need to mature ourselves, to be our own mothers.

But how can we get out of our chaos?

To see our own light and be the solution?

What is the solution that we are?

The Feminine Light for Spiritual Leadership

Is the first and the last Passage of the nine gateways  of The Feminine Light Journey.

The Feminine Light for Spiritual Leadership

is our point A and our Point B.

And it is our Spiritual Leadership

that heals and matures the world.

We ARE Mothers of the World.

Here’s what this is about for you:

The time and place of your birth is the starting point.

The “pain contract” that you feel as suffering is the raw material of darkness that you have been given to turn into light.

It is an opportunity for you to extract meaning from the source of your pain, anxiety, and stress.

The making of meaning takes time and to do so requires that you establish a relationship with yourself.

The Feminine Light for Spiritual Leadership Passage

Guides you in mothering yourself to align yourself on this journey toward the light of your truth.

Maturity is a subtle process, but there is no need to feel anxious or to live in fear, you have already taken the first step and have asked yourself for guidance.

And here is the good news too…

Maturity follows a timely need for growth so you can live in the knowledge that the seed of your aspirations are possible and are meant to be actualized.

The Feminine Light for Spiritual Leadership Passage

Is the first step toward your actualization. It is everything you need to know to be on your way and to be the way.

The Feminine Light Journey Program which is a total of 9 Passages assists you along the way and is a friendly companion that allows you to dive deeper into your truth to create the life you want.

So what exactly is The Feminine Light for Spiritual Leadership Passage?

    It is a Passage that gives you the ability to overview your life and find a higher meaning with the greatest possibilities for your unique truth and expression.

This Passage gives you the tools to see your challenges and experience your power turning the blocks that prevent you from moving forward into stepping stones to be increasingly efficacious.

It is a mirror for your life which gives you the framework to see yourself more clearly guiding you toward your own creation of a safe and happy community where you and your relationships can flourish.

This Passage gives you the opportunity to be the solution.

Can women rally around their own maturity to exact purpose, the purpose of an evolutionary shift in humanity?

Donald Steinberg, Deputy Administrator Ambassador for the U.S. Agency for International Development, in a open discussion after viewing Abigail’ Disney’s documentary Pray the Devil Back to Hell, was asked about the Liberian civil war lasting 14 years and the hope of women’s influence “Will a peace agreement work?” He stated, ”Unless it involves women, the answer is usually no.”

The Feminine Light healing helps us to recognize we are no longer victims of our own consciousness and that we are are own magic wand and magic slipper!

Do you want to be the solution? Or Part of the problem?
The Feminine Light for Spiritual Leadership Passage — Perhaps The Most Effective Insight Toward Evolutionary Growth

A Gender Relations Movement 3.0

A retro evolution toward humanity’s enlightenment – the maturation of gender and interdependence.

Now, perhaps you would like to know a little bit more about me… who am I and how I was called to this path of life to create my contribution.

The Feminine Light for Spiritual Leadership begins with you.

Stephany Lane Yarbrough is the founder of The Institute of Women’s Enlightenment (I-WE) and The Feminine Light Journey, co-creating and spearheading the well-being of women through a Personal Development Program.
The Feminine Light Journey answers the question: What is the difference between women and men and is this difference meaningful to the evolution and health of humanity?

Is your gender meaningful to you?

Meet Stephany Lane Yarbrough: A Woman with a Purpose

Like most women, or at least from my experience and research, I didn’t have an understanding of my importance in being a woman, only that I was another human being experiencing and trying to make sense of life.

Until…the accumulation of my experiences revealed to me that I was attempting to release myself from the theme of being a victim. I was living in my blindspot. The experiences are way too many to retell in this short of a space, but suffice it to say it was a divorce that propelled me into my search for an understanding that would create today what can be known as a meta consciousness of womanhood for the purpose of spiritual leadership.

After my international divorce while at the same time completing my Doctoral Degree in Human Development through the Lifespan: Boundaries: Identity Formation, Maintenance, and Management, and taking care of my mother who had brain tumors, I became a spiritual warrior for the consciousness of women’s worth. I guess looking back at it now, it was only natural, that my strength and fortitude for what has been25 plus years has felt like a conviction and purpose that I can only imagine Joan of Arc must have had. Although unlike her purpose, which was to save the identity of France by defending a king, my purpose has been to codify the nature of womanhood to defend the identity of woman and humanity itself.

Like a master jigsaw puzzler, I analyzed each and every puzzle piece of my experience (otherwise known as Phenomenological Research, a research approach that I had learned from Clark Moustakas, a doctoral professor of mine). To follow a journey of gathering puzzle pieces required a great deal of faith in where and how I was called, being open to what I would discover, and having a focus through an extended period of time to create perspective and a framework for understanding the identity of women – a meta consciousness of womanhood. This was arduous to say the least. I would like now to offer The Feminine Light for Spiritual Leadership Passage as a means for a collective rebirthing and as a means toward our self ownership as women. Through the self ownership of our conscious identity, we give permit to ourselves to own our separate yet different equality. We recognize ourselves as a statement of fact , and from which we can create our own reality.

Tempering this vision took place in Los Angeles ranked sixth in the Global Cities Index and 14th Global Economic Power Index in 2014-2015 respectively. L.A. has long been known as a city of dreams, a place for the dispossessed or disillusioned to start over and rebuild their lives. It is also known as the entertainment capital of the world or what I call the H hole of influence. I love Los Angeles, everyone is manifesting a dream, they take creative risks with their lives and livelihood. Living in Los Angeles in particular as an artist, and in my case as a philosophical artist, requires great courage, time, energy, and conviction. Artists the world over, create from darkness and uncertainty and manifest to reflect light that mirrors our truths and possibilities, our humanity and our dreams.

We are all artists of our own souls.

The Meaning Making of a Different Drummer
I was given a drum set when I was 11, but I never learned how to play.
Coming from an artistic and folk music family, I believed in joy. I believed in the magnificence of life. I believed in humanity. I believed in the world of possibility and idealism.

I have not changed, only my disillusionments have provided the opportunity for wisdom.

The Feminine Light Journey is about wisdom and all the things our mothers never knew to tell us so that given a choice, we did not become victims of our own lives.

The Feminine Light Journey is about all the things our mothers never knew to tell us, but had in their hearts the desire of The Feminine Light to share.

This is a gift to our mothers, no matter their fear, and through our courageous selves to our daughters, a love that transcends time. This is to the all the women in our lives, whether biological mothers or not, for supportively sharing this journey with us, and finally to all those women who lived in the spiritual leadership of their own light, those great mothers of humankind that provided for us the life that we live today.

I was lost and now I am found, and I found myself with the help of women who had the courage and conviction to be true to themselves and be spiritual leaders as models for life.
Thank you for keeping me going and inspiring me.

I remember when I was a little girl, my soul resonated with Harriet Tubman’s courage.  I was profoundly moved by her conviction or the seemingly unawareness of the risks she took with her own life to help the lives of others.

For some, Princess Diana or Mother Theresa may resonate.

And for yourself? Who have you been inspired by?

How have you been inspired by them?

I have been compelled to follow The Feminine Light Journey and to offer it to the world.
And I have chosen this path and along the way –
I have met with the unexpected more than once…

I have felt my momentum going and then stop more than once…

I have felt things were going well and then had to face challenges more than once…

I have needed to defend myself more than once…

I have had to have courage more than once…

I have had to take risks more than once…

I have been overwhelmed more than once…

I have been in debt more than once…

I have needed to learn things more than once

I have made agreements with myself more than once…

I have needed to release things more than once…

I have had to physically and emotionally heal more than once…

And I have smiled more than once.

I-WE looks forward to smiling with you in honoring, sharing, and celebrating our Feminine Light for Spiritual Leadership.

Now with a simple and childlike joy in opening the heart,
I offer this to you.
I hope for you to hear more clearly our journey together and to honor the voice of your inner wisdom, share well the passage of time, and celebrate the creation of our world through spiritual leadership.

The Feminine Light for Spiritual Leadership

A 12-Week Passage To Be the Spiritual Leader of Your Life

The 12-Week Training Schedule
In The Feminine Light for Spiritual Leadership Passage, Stephany Lane Yarbrough has combined over 27 years of research, development, and healing experience for women’s identity and governance to bring about the most inclusive pioneer work and stable foundation for women’s self-worth impacting relationship and leadership. Now is the first time this meta consciousness of womanhood is available and can be  found in the entirety of The Feminine Light Journey Program.
Specifically, in The Feminine Light for Spiritual Leadership Passage we address the development of a consciousness of our own value that only we as women can provide for ourselves.

It focuses on how women can through self-knowledge and a collective consciousness be the catalyst for change. How we can create our own validation by identifying the blind spots, fears, and uncertainties of our gender which hinders our value and through spiritual leadership, alter the control of lives and have the ability to influence “our” world toward greater fulfillment. (Men have their own distinctions and value which will be highlighted in this Passage.)
Here’s how, through a fun interactive online course, you will uncover, identify and learn

who you are, awaken and express your emotional truth,  liberate your truth from the past, live with the dignity and shape influence, and become a spiritual leader purposely living both your potential and the life that you want to live:

    What This Passage Covers Week By Week:

Each week you be provided with the Design of the Seven Sisters or The Pleiades star cluster, stars to light your way through The Feminine Light for Spiritual Leadership Passage presented in a multi media format:

  1. A Guided Meditation:

    A time for you to reduce the stress of the outside world and turn inward for answers.

  2. The Word:

    A specific terminology is presented to contemplate as a stepping stone toward increased self-awareness.

  3. A Soul Offering:

    A new focus gives the basis for greater self-realization and enlightenment.

  4. The Historical Context:

    A perspective of the relevance and a resonance with time as it affects our lives and creates meaning.

  5. An Insight:

    A guide for a specific educational path toward enlightenment.

  6. An Ownership Practicum:

    A framework which for each woman to create her own unique understanding of of the insight and how to apply it to her life.

  7. The Forum:

    A collective voice of women who want to develop leadership skills through sharing and mutually supporting the creation and manifestation of vision.

Week One – A New Foundation: Finding Voice

We will experience together a discovery path to reveal the passions and essence of
Your Voice.

Week Two – A New Foundation: Evolving Faith Perception
We will experience together the faith you have in yourself as a woman and how you can be inspired by faith to heal yourself and find a clearer direction to express Your Faith.

Week Three – A New Foundation: Respecting Gender Differences (The Feminine Light Journey Program is defined.)
We will experience together how identifying clearly our gender can make way for our own acceptance and the acceptance of others while understanding that the concept of polarity as a pattern of responsibility can lead toward enlightenment and Your Self-Respect.

Week Four – A New Foundation: Managing Resources and Power
We will experience together the basis for power and our connection to it that provides you with an increased ability to manage your resources and better commit to Your Life.

Week Five – A Personal Vision: Knowing Self
We will experience together that you have the ability to listen to yourself and make choices that better reflect Your Truth.

Week Six – A Personal Vision: Defining Purpose
We will experience together the options for your contributing to the spiritual guidance of womanhood, focusing on how you can participate in creating Your Self-destination.

Week Seven – A Personal Vision: Valuing Worth
We will experience together the difference between value and worth to measure your ability to move toward the vision of Your Fulfillment.

Week Eight – A Personal Vision: Guiding Humanity
We will experience together our understanding of maturity and the nature of spiritual guidance to better create the context for Spiritual Leadership in relationship and toward Your Health.

Week Nine – Spiritual Leadership: Healing to Love
We will experience together our ability to transform the need to heal into the desire to nurture in order to to assess how your needs to heal can support Your Maturity.

Week Ten – Spiritual Leadership: Challenges to Responsibility
We will experience together the responsibilities of Spiritual Leadership to understand how to influence the process of maturation and be Your Solution.

Week Eleven – Spiritual Leadership: Awareness to Commitment (Opportunities for greater participation in creating The Feminine Light Journey are discussed.)
We will experience together the commitment to ourselves and how that ability informs the management of all your other commitments in building a vision that bridges relationships to the personal and social significance of Your Care.

Week Twelve – Spiritual Leadership: Integrity to Leadership
We will experience together how a commitment to truth can pave the way toward the effectiveness of our lives as women. How we can get from point A to point B. Highlighted is the nature of point B as women prepare for leadership and their own solution. We can create a successful arc to our story with the contributions of Your Feminine Light.
Discover the Power of Your truth as a Woman
Be the Solution

Just 9 of the Ways in which The Feminine Light for Spiritual Leadership Will Benefit Your Life:


Be the One

You can reverse the order of things and make your life the priority. All of life and all relationships start with you.


Be the Source

You can remember you are the source and apply it to your relationships with men. What you accept to be true for you is the source for what you create in life.


Be the Joy

You can rebuild and express the joyful energy of your life because you are not afraid of judgments or joy and can make any changes which confidently support being the flow of life and while receiving abundantly for life.


Be the Truth

You can heal your soul when you listen for your truth and act on the reality of your life. Releasing illusions of self-other responsibilities helps to clear your path and the reality of your making rather than gifting of yourself without knowing.


Be the Influence

You can influence your relationships with men by proving your conscious worth. No longer do you have to pretend to be someone other than yourself for the sake of feeling something deeply that you do not or wanting something of value that is not given. Respect is a gift you give to yourself and assists in clearing away negative influences.


Be the Peace

You can live in the peace of mind that your life is well founded upon your role as a spiritual leader guiding your relations with men toward mutual acceptance and peace. This allows you to take care of yourself while taking care of others.


Be the Mission

You can take charge of your life through an Interactive Online with multi media that addresses all your senses and awakens the longing for your life well lived.


Be the Life

You can strengthen the muscle of the spirit by making meaning from life’s jump gaps or the transitions of the unknown into the unseen and harness ever increasingly the power of your life for yourself and for your choice in caring for others.


Be the Voice

You can create, share, celebrate, and manifest with women on the same path to become a collective voice that supports one another and that the world hears.

This is Why The Feminine Light is Effective

The Feminine Light is the most advanced understanding of women’s development and enlightenment that we have today. Having a meta consciousness or structure of identity enables women to create and more easily design their lives – where they are going and how they are going to get there while answering the question,

“Who is going to provide the way?”.
The Feminine Light for Spiritual Leadership

12-Week Spiritual Leadership Passage

In The Feminine Light for Spiritual Leadership Passage
A time for truth.
I have created, from over 25 years of dedicated research to walking and codifying the journey of womanhood, an approach to systematically understand our individual unique development as women and a way to bring power to the expression of our life and our voice.

Support of I-WE and The Feminine Light Journey Program

(Problems with ™ people purchasing the brand name before we do!!!!)Tuttle had 4 testimonials
The Feminine Light Endorsements

The Beverly Hills Proclamation Letter Image

The Pepperdine Broschure

“For women around the world, the questions raised in The Feminine Light are profound ones. This intimate and universal balance is at the heart and souls of our work through NoVo. Thank you for sharing!”

Jennifer Buffett, Board of Directors The NoVo Foundation

“The Feminine Light invites us with wisdom and compassion and is a welcoming guide on the path toward harmony – not only with oneself, but also with the world.”

Barry M. Panter, M.D., Ph.D., Diplomate American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry USC School of Medicine, Co-Author/Editor: Creativity and Madness; Founder and Director The American Institute of Medical Education

“Women learn that we are continuously evolving, capable of immeasurable love and generosity as well as influence.”

Cathy Malatesta, President of Lawless Entertainment

“Through The Feminine Light we experience an amazing passage that provides profound insight into our feminine power and wisdom.”

Dori DeCarlo, Talk Show Host, The Word of Mom Show

“A Quest toward self-discovery…”

Carol DeGoff, MS, Life and Pampering Coach for Women

“Wonderful resource of insights and truth that are enlightening and empowering.”

Joanne Mednick, Marriage and Family Therapist: A global practice focusing on women’s issues and addictions

“Insights that are deep, personal, and honest: listen to your heart, know your truth, and understand your value.”

John Milan, Board of Directors, The Women’s Clinic & Family Counseling Center Los Angeles

“This is an education and dialogue around our strengths working together for the common good.”

Kerri McManus, CPC, ELI-MP, Certified Life Coach, Director of Internships & Student Services at Emerson College Los Angeles Center

“I am proud to embrace myself as a strong woman.”

Colleen Bersano, Asst to Dr. Peipei Ping, Director of Research UCLA Cardiac Proteomics and Signalling Laboratory, Big Data to Knowledge – BD2K

“The Feminine Light is an experiential and useful exploration to the woman who is ever becoming and about the natural differences between being a woman and a man.”

Terrence Brotherton, Practitioner and Teacher of Eastern Healing and Meditation Los Angeles

“I feel an inner being of wholeness, contentment, bliss, joy, ecstasy, rapture, and magic.”

Biija, Fine Artist and Business Owner

“The Feminine Light takes us on a brave and perhaps unfamiliar journey of discovery, contemplation, empowerment, and reconnection with the true woman within; our gift to ourselves and to the world.”

Jodie Myers, Childbirth Filmmaker

The Transformation Of A Lifetime…Your Lifetime
Easy and Affordable

We don’t want you to miss out. Don’t you just hate it when you know you have an opportunity and it passes you by because you were looking the other way or were too stressed out to even know what you need or want?

Millions of women can be living well in health and expressing the best of themselves, and yet, by not having an option to do so or not embracing the option when presented, they live on the fence of their own humanity. This is a serious threat to the well being of all.

Had they known a choice was available or were presented with a choice to heal, establish, and live efficacious and happy lives, I would hope that their spirit was not so worn down that they would pass up the offer. I hope your spirit is vibrant, and if not vibrant, at least curious.
I hope you are not lost or scared or hardened because that is not a good place to be.

I hope to provide you with the needed resources to save yourself from the unnecessary passage of time experiencing life in fear, turmoil, or unhappiness and to offer you back the precious moments of your life shared well.

And because I know this Passage will change your life forever, I would like to offer a few gifts for taking leadership by signing up today.

A Gift

As a Special Way to Say Thank You For Signing UP This Week, You’ll Receive Two Creation Gifts with our Compliments:


The Women’s Global Database

A Priceless Connection of Support and Influence

Be a Participant in the Solution

I-WE will provide you with a Questionnaire so your services, organization, or passion can be listed and included in The Woman’s Global Database. You will then have access to this database after it is made available in December 2016. This database is a humanitarian service to give women increased access to supportive services, educational tools, and a like minded beneficial community.

This bonus gives you the opportunity to be first in participating in the solution and begins your own process toward greater Spiritual Leadership and living the life you want to live.

Font I-WE

The Feminine Light Journey Song

A Priceless Collection of Voices and Music

Be a Voice in the Creation

I-WE will be creating with our collective voices a musical piece or song that is the theme for The Feminine Light Journey and with your input, we can make it ours together –

Happy Women, Happy World!

I-WE will email you in October 2016, when you sign up before August 13th, 2016, a fun form to contribute your voice and inspiration in our musical creation. You will receive in December the first mix in MP3 format as a way of saying thank you.


For the first 30 women who sign up…

I-WE would like to give an extra bonus of

an hour telephone or Skype consulting call with Stephany Lane Yarbrough, Ph.D.

A calendar will be made available to schedule your time anytime after the first month up until two weeks after The Passage has been completed.

Confirm a time on our I-WE Calendar!

Do want to become the spiritual leader of your own life and be safe, happy, and valued in your relationships?

I-WE is a grass roots start up company with a vision in support of humanity expediting healing and maturation by providing the educational tools and experiences for learning worth, caring for humanity, and guiding through spiritual leadership which represents the understanding of the interdependence of life and the importance of women.

And we welcome…You

So Try The Feminine Light for Spiritual Leadership Pilot For 30 Days Risk-Free

A solution for you with a 100% money-back guarantee. And we’re doing this because we believe in you and your desire to embrace your Feminine Light contributing to your happiness and the happiness of the world.

So be good to yourself and take action now. Feel free to express who you are and be supported in living what you deeply want. We all have a voice. Let us be a choir together.

A Message from Stephany Lane Yarbrough

This is a maiden journey of The Feminine Light for Spiritual Leadership Passage and as such it can be considered a pilot. For those who would like to pilot this maiden journey and collaborate through feedback toward its final destination, we would love to hear about your experience.

There maybe all sorts of technological glitches and bumps, so wear comfortable shoes or heels that you can easily take off to enjoy the ride.

Rites of passage have never been experienced in this technological age so we are learning to communicate with the soul differently. I hope that through fun introspection and interaction, we can move into the 21st Century while honoring the beauty of our lives based in humanity.

All in all, you will have the opportunity to see where we are headed and with your insight and wisdom, we will be able to better steer our safe and joyful journey home.

Light and Blessings,

Stephany Lane Yarbrough

Click your heels together and the “Add to Cart” Button and Be The Feminine Light!

Along with the ability to ….. As you are guided to hear your own truth….on The Feminine Light for Spiritual Leadership Passage, you will receive everything listed below:

The ability to…

Discover your truth
Have your own autonomy
Have a framework for understanding and resolving personal challenges
Create your life
Contribute meaning to life
Be happier in your relationships
Participate in a larger purpose for yourself
Be a spiritual leader and effect change toward the healing of humanity
Experience 12 meditations for self truth and healing
View and participate in where we are heading
Have Forum interaction to share and create community
Understand a social structure vision toward the end of the Passage that offers actionable steps toward building a social structure that provides a new option honoring spiritual leadership and a healthier humanity

You can…

Access this proprietary personal development program for yourself
Move at your own pace though the 12 week Passage and take as much time or as little
Have the opportunity to move at a faster tempo and complete The Passage in 6 weeks
Have access to The Passage up to 5 months after completion to review your knowledge
Receive a First Edition Signed Certificate of Completion

THREE Exciting Available Opportunities

Between now and August 13th, 2016

Why Participate in the Pilot Today?

By becoming a co-creator in this pilot providing feedback about your experience and accepting any limitations or incompleteness due to technology or the media portion of the Passage, you’ll get THREE special opportunities that will not be available in the future. Here is what these opportunities are:
  1. Lead the world

    Firstly, be a forerunner of leadership and an initiator of change. You will be the first to have the opportunity to contribute to building a vision of a new social structure for humanity. This vision will be discussed at the end of the Passage. This vision which was an intuitive gift in 1992 is something that Stephany found out exists though very few know about it. She believes this can be the very foundation for a new way of interacting when implemented across the globe. This is a solution for the protection of women and girls and calls for the balance of power between men and women. This is point B. Does this solution speak to you? Could you be part of this solution? Can we gather together as women to be the solution?

  2. Participate in the Forum with the founder Stephany Lane Yarbrough to get your Questions Answered

    Secondly, for this Pilot of The Feminine Light for Spiritual Leadership, Stephany Lane Yarbrough will be participating with you in the 12 week Passage. Meaning, you will have the opportunity to co-create specifically with her as she herself personally responds to your feelings, thoughts, and suggestions. She will be there with you.

  3. Receive an Introductory Discount

    Thirdly, there will be a price discount on the The Feminine Light for Spiritual Leadership 12 week Passage which will increase after the Pilot is complete to more than double due to the magnitude of the offering including the development and business costs of operating the vision. Today and through August 13th, 2016, the investment in your life for this 12 week Pilot is only $369.00. The reason I-WE is making this discount available is because we want to hear from you about your experience to make it better for others. It would be like you’re mentoring others.

Instant Access August 15th, 2016 No More Waiting…
I-WE is a grass roots start up and we can start together as you will never get to Point B if you don’t start at Point A.

Get instant access to the entire 12 week Online Passage:

$1,920 for the limited membership to I-WE and total access to The Spiritual Leadership Passage

Now During Our Pilot Season $369.00

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For your security, all orders are processed on a secured server.

If you are unhappy with your progress within 30 Day, you can ask for a refund.

This Program is different which means you will be opening yourself to new concepts to experience the opportunity see your life as unique. If for any reason, these concepts are challenging and you don’t have the time to embrace the solution that is you with the assistance of I-WE, we understand how priorities and timing can be everything. We support you in your ability to know what is right for you and to express your boundaries for self-protection and direction.

This Program and Passage is for your own self-birth and sometimes life can feel unknown and scary, but this Program is in your total control and we are here to create and experience life anew together. We support you in who you are and what you want to create.

If this is not right for you, all you have to do is just send ONE email to (Email Address) to receive a refund within 7 business days with “Refund” in the title or call 917-283-2314 and leave a message requesting a refund spelling your email address for clarification. Any refunds can be requested within 30 days from the point of purchase.

*EU VAT charges will apply to EU billing addresses.
Scholarships available
We welcome JVs now in creating partnership
Our Pilot Season will be completed to open our doors December 2016



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