Feminine Light Seminars

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Participate in The Feminine Light Seminars to enrich yourself and enhance your community.  Gathering with friends deepens trust and by creating new relationships, we find opportunities to grow.


  • Spiritual Leadership: A Call to Womanhood™
  • The Journey toward Womanhood™
  • The Essential Woman: Feminine Light, Love and Worth™
  • Boundaries: The Making and Management of Identity™
  • Men Tell it Straight: What Women Need to Know™
  • Honoring Men’s Enlightenment™
  • The Masculine Check™
  • A Dry Run™
  • The Feminine Light Retreat: The Path toward Fulfillment through Self-Acceptance™
  • Exploring The Feminine Light Journey Program

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Spiritual Leadership: A Call to Womanhood™

Spiritual leadership by women is fundamental to their roles as spiritual messengers. Having a purpose of vision and a knowledge of contribution is spiritual leadership whether in relationship, community or the world. This seminar focuses on the study of motivation, intent and purpose in women’s leadership. Discussion questions explore reframing our experiences as women, especially the nature and identity of womanhood. Collectively, as women, what path are we taking? Do we know the destination of our vision and thought about its ramifications? Where are we asking others to follow? How does the feeling of movement for the sake of movement, made conscious or not, jeopardize the value of our leadership? How can we shift into a leadership that heals rather than threatens? Our need for economic security and protection is essential and leveraged while joy as an expression of manifested purpose is highlighted and encouraged. This is for women who want greater impact and influence to create a world community of worth based on the calling of their higher purpose and talents.

The Journey Toward Womanhood™

The fundamental understanding of the differences between gender, purpose and worth must respect the function of interdependence regarding division of labor and complementary roles. This seminar focuses on the commitment to establishing a balance between the physical necessities of life and spiritual capabilities. Time management as well as the types of roles for women, their function and purpose will be discussed and exercises provided. Shared creation is not the overvaluation of the physical to the negation of the spiritual. This only leads to the devaluation of the importance of women. The journey toward womanhood supports the value of women as co-creators. This is for women who want a confirmation of their value and tools for self-recognition and more effective living.

The Essential Woman: Feminine Light, Love and Worth™

By embracing the trinity of Feminine Light, Love and Worth woman can emerge as complete women.This seminar focuses on the experiential and conceptual knowledge of light, love and worth as a conscious awareness of enlightened purpose. Exercises and discussions are designed to develop a framework and skills for problem-solving and self-actualization.This is for women who want to enhance their fundamental basis for self-love and self-acceptance.

Boundaries: The Making and Management of Identity™

Knowledge starts with the self. Identity is formed through the mental constructs that define who we are to ourselves and to others. The knowledge of our identity is the primary step toward creating our own foundation for self-containment from which our identity is made known. To contain is to provide form. This three hour seminar focuses on the necessity for women to honor and make distinctions in order to define their identity to better establish, maintain and manage relationships. Learning to use the unseen world of spiritual resources is paramount in providing a new consciousness of worth for ourselves as women and the world and for future generations. Exercises and discussion are designed to provide a framework for self-knowledge. This is for women who want to have a clearer understanding of their identity and their boundaries.

Men Tell it Straight: What Women Need to Know™

What do men know that women don’t, but need to know? Men talk from their expertise and tell women what they need to know about the nature of men–types of roles of men, function and purpose. Men talk about how men view women as in positions that are elevated, lower, or same and how men champion women. Also discussed is man’s need for joy, control, creating safety and meaning. This three hour seminar focuses on increasing  women’s awareness of masculine energy and the potential abuses stemming from dynamic polarities in relation to feminine energy. This is for women who need to learn how to better protect themselves, their daughters and their friends.

Honoring Men’s Enlightenment™

Why do we need men? What is the nature of man? How can women thrive by honoring men’s enlightenment? This three hour seminar focuses on the worth and value of men. How are men valuable in their own right? What does being a man in a man’s world mean? What makes a man feel valuable? How can women support them in their value? The main focus is men’s awareness of women and their relationships. Also discussed are the particular needs of men and their connections to women. This is for men who want to have greater claim to their strengths as men and women who value men and want to appreciate them more.

The Masculine Check™

What men need to know about women. (In Development)

A Dry Run™

A comedic presentation of Feminine Light, Dating and Relationships. The nature of sex and attraction is highlighted in a spoof about value and the potential for connection. This presentation sizes up our desire to love and receive love from men.

The Feminine Light Retreat: The Path toward Fulfillment through Self-Acceptance

Retreats organized around the world in settings of beauty and serenity highlighting support for each other.

Exploring The Feminine Light Journey Program

An introduction to The Feminine Light Journey Online Program and the Ten Light Points of Women’s Self-Leadership.


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