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The Feminine Light Leadership Program

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Become a Visionary 

Develop Your Powerful Vision

Struggling with creating a vision, contributing your gifts or lack of motivation? You’re not alone! Welcome to The Feminine Light Leadership Program. Our Program provides women an opportunity to develop visions of leadership through our structured, Online, accountability-based coaching system. The Leadership Program is an interactive software to help clarify and manifest purpose. Through our Program you can overcome obstacles and learn confident, consistent skills to create and your vision.  Imagine your life has a meaningful vision! Imagine your vision fulfilled!

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Connect with Peers

Get Group Support and Encouragement

Reduce the stress of being on your own and start enjoying your purpose by collaborating with other women in leadership positions or who want to be in leadership roles. The Feminine Light Leadership Program encourages positive, productive group interaction to help refine and accomplish your vision. We’ll show you how sharing group resources and coaching can help everyone to achieve success! Create, raise questions, and share Visions Together!

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Use Powerful Online Tools

Manage Time and Maintain Accountability

All The Feminine Light Leadership members get full access to our suite of unique online accountability tools. Take charge of your time, track daily vision sessions, and overcome internal obstacles – every feature is designed to keep you engaged and focused establishing your vision.

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Maintain Productivity

Learn Strategies for Long-Term Success 

Each Feminine Light Leadership weekly session includes moderated discussions designed to support your long-term leadership success. You also receive monthly professional coaching calls to create more synergy with your progress. You’ll gain new strategies, motivational techniques, and inspirational lessons to maintain forward momentum for creating your vision and having the social impact that you envision.

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Develop Your Powerful Vision

A Unique and Effective Online Program for Women as Spiritual Leaders

Now, a community for women to create a Sisterhood inspiring Spiritual Leadership and Visionary Collaboration!

The Feminine Light Program is an innovative combination of accountability tools and productivity coaching designed to help you establish your vision. Within our supportive Online community of talented women and visionary strategists, you’ll develop the skills and strategies to take charge of your progress, chart the steps necessary to implement your vision, and nurture the creation of positive social influence.




This writing group has qualitatively changed the way I work & write. The results should show themselves in my pub record by the end of this year. Testimonial!!!

SLY???? OR????

Assistant Professor

The Writing Club is based on research by Robert Boice and other experts in the field of writing productivity and psychology. We teach you to write in short, productive sessions that maximize your output and minimizes mental exhaustion. But we don’t just teach you how, we guide you through it. We’ll be right there with you as you learn to develop and maintain ideal writing habits.

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End Loneliness, Confusion,

and Lack of Support

Create and Support Your Visions Together with Your Small Group and Coach

Creating your vision with the support of a coach and a small group of peers makes a huge difference! As a member of The Feminine Light Leadership Program, you’ll hold yourself accountable to the coach and the Online group by logging in daily and reporting on your struggles and accomplishments. They will read and respond directly to what you’ve logged for that day. You’ll be sharing your experiences with the process of developing and implementing your vision to gather support and honest feedback.

I can’t thank you enough for this marvelous resource and support. I never expected so much from the writing club; this really was an extremely valuable investment. I do feel like I’ve changed, and it’s really enhanced my productivity.

ABD Doctoral Candidate


Although members have the option to choose to have an anonymous online “nickname,” you can also choose to be and accept yourself in these groups that are incredibly successful in developing a community of encouragement, support, accountability, and closeness. This kind of environment helps you generate and sustain momentum. Knowing that other women experience the same feelings as you is priceless. It helps you overcome your own isolation, confusion, and self-blame. That’s the beauty of The Feminine Light Leadership Program – for you to feel good about yourself as a Visionary Spiritual Leader and to accomplish your goals with the support of other women.

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Access Powerful Online Tools

Proprietary Online Tools and Phone Classes, Coaching Groups,

and Discussions Give you the Structure you Need to Succeed

  • Daily Progress Page
  • Daily Coaching Questions
  • Coach and Peer Support
  • Graphs
  • Club Wiki???
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls
  • Chats
  • Challenge Chats
  • Specialty Coaching
  • Interactive Strategies

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Daily Progress Page

The Progress Page is central to The Feminine Light Leadership Program’s power. It helps you build and maintain a daily habit of building your vision by providing progress tracking, accountability, and structure. Each green check mark represents a member of your group logging in and reporting on their daily progress or problems.

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Maintain Your Inner Strength and Vision

Coaching Groups, Classes, and Your Coach Provide Education and Inspiration

Every monthly session is packed with ways to help you maintain a newfound level of encouragement. Each monthly session features:

  • A Group Coaching Call
  • Vision Development Materials
  • A Moderated Coaching Discussion Group
  • Interactive Strategies to Promote Vision Effectiveness


I can’t believe how much I’m getting done. Why didn’t I do this years ago? (Because I was laboring under the myth that ‘If you don’t have hours to write, you can’t accomplish anything,’ that’s why.)

Assistant Professor

You’ll have access to coach-moderated Chats, Forums, and Group Teams where you can stay motivated!

User Testimonials

I credit the Academic Writing Club with a large part of my drama-free tenure journey. The support, commiseration, and accountability provided by my [AWC] colleagues played a key role in helping me develop (and maintain) a regular writing habit. When it came time to submit my materials, there was very little last minute scrabbling to get a few more publications out the door because I’d been plugging along at a steady pace the whole time. And, those times when I did falter, someone from the [AWC] would reach out a hand to pull me back in. Amanda WAwarded Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor in Social Work at an R1 University


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Three sign up options get you the support you need at a price that makes sense.

Our next session starts on Monday, Jun 19th.

1. Choose Your Starting Point

I am developing a vision

I have a vision


2. Choose Your Plan

Monthly – $97.00

Quarterly –  $338.00

Annually – $970.00




What is The Feminine Light Leadership program?

What if I don’t have time for this?

Believe it or not, you will save time in the long run if you join the Club. There are several reasons for this. You will manage your time better. You will find times for your very important long-term writing that you didn’t know you had. The encouragement from your peers and coach will make your emotional state steadier, enabling you to do more and to take time off.

Finally, our extensive data shows that on average, each club member spends seven or eight minutes a day on the site. Surely you can afford that amount of time in order to write and publish more? What is the cost of not getting that paper in, not finishing that chapter, not completing your dissertation, not publishing enough for promotion or tenure? It really is worth 8 minutes a day!


Will anyone read my writing?

Will you edit my work?

Is this a course? When is the first class?

No, the Academic Writing Club is not a course. The coaching groups, classes and hosted chats are all extremely useful, but optional. Our main goal is to help you write more by writing for reasonably short periods daily, thus developing a writing habit that allows you to live a manageable and enjoyable life. Therefore, the accountability part of the Club, namely the Daily Progress Page (See “Access Powerful Online Tools” above), is the most important part of your experience in the Club.

We announce the schedule of classes/groups/chats at the beginning of each session.


I’m in Europe/Asia/Australia. How do I get the group support?

That’s the beauty of a program like this, which gives you the most important support you need in an “asynchronous” way. In other words, the members of your group are potentially there 24/7. You might post in the Progress Grid about your writing challenges on Friday, Jan 7, 9:00 am in Australia; and someone in New York City will read your response an hour later at 7:00 pm on Thursday, Jan. 6. That person will then comment, and you will get the full benefit of the comment, along with the support and feeling of collegiality. We have many members in Australia, New Zealand, India, Japan, and of course all over Europe.

Similarly, our coaching groups and classes are all recorded and made available on the site in a downloadable mp3 format, and you are always reminded to submit comments or questions ahead of time. Our Challenge chat sessions will be held at different times of the day to accommodate most time zones.


I’m a leader in my own right, how can The Leadership Program support me?

Yes. We have many highly experienced professors, some of whom have published a great deal, who find their motivation flagging or are unsure about the direction of their next research project. Often, tenured professors are so drained after being granted tenure that they need some structure to get going again. For whatever reason, most people on earth need accountability, structure, support, or reminders at various stages of their life! Needless to say, you will not be alone when you join.

I want to have a vision, but I not sure what it could be, can this Program help me?

Yes, this Program can support you in ways that help you to direct your life to build upon where you are right now. Our suggestion is to take The Feminine Light Assessment to acquaint yourself with Purpose and in that way you will better understand how this program can assist you.

Are all Club members in the same group?

Not at all. The Academic Writing Club depends on small group interaction. You will register as either a professor or grad student/post doc. From there you can let us know of any preferences such as Humanities, Social Science, or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math) and we’ll accommodate your request whenever possible. You’ll be placed into a group of about 12 people at your level, with an experienced Writing Club coach.

I don’t want to run into someone I know – how can I avoid this?

Even though we strongly believe that you should be proud of getting support in becoming a more productive academic writer, we do understand that some academics feel better remaining anonymous. For this reason, we give you the option of choosing a nickname when you first sign up. You can let other group members know about you without designating your specific area of study or university.

Of course, if you are uncomfortable in a group for whatever reason, we will gladly move you to another group in your same level and field.


I can’t join this session – when is the next session?

Our sessions run every 28 days. You can always find this session’s start date by going to the main “Join Now” section just above these FAQs. Just under the “Join Now” heading is the information about Writing Club session start dates.

I’ll be away for a week during this session. What should I do?

Of course, we believe that the Academic Writing Club is worth it even if you miss a week. We do not prorate, so it is up to you to decide whether you want to wait until the next session to sign up, or reap the benefits of belonging to the Club during the current/upcoming session.

Keep in mind that one of the benefits of being a member of the Club is that you have the structure to get you back into the habit of writing, as opposed to getting overwhelmed with all that you need to do following your break in writing.


Does my membership automatically renew?

Yes, as clearly stated both on the website and on the payment page, your membership is renewed automatically at the end of the subscription period that you have chosen. You can cancel easily at any time with our onsite, one-click cancellation method.

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About the Program

Since the onset of , The Feminine Light Leadership Program has

has helped thousands of academics maximize their writing productivity and optimize their talent. We’ve received hundreds of testimonials attesting to the power of the Writing Club to help people write, publish, finish their dissertation, and get tenure. Perhaps more importantly, the Club has helped people enjoy their academic careers.

Featuring a unique combination of proprietary Online accountability and interaction tools, professional coaching and small group support, our Program will help you align with your vision and implement it faster, more creatively, more reliably, and with less stress.

Life as a Visionary Woman doesn’t have to be so hard. Isn’t it about time to be inspired by your life? Join us today and celebrate your vision, gain support, and give your vision life!

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