The Feminine Light Global Symposiums

The Wisdom and Light of the World

The Feminine Light Global Symposiums™ are conducted around the world and designed to highlight and promote the strategic work of  i-We, nonprofits, businesses, and unique individuals that support women’s leadership bringing change through an enlightened healing vision for a specific purpose and influence in various regions in the world.

The regions include:

  • The Feminine Light in Africa
  • The Feminine Light in Asia
  • The Feminine Light in Australia
  • The Feminine Light in Europe
  • The Feminine Light in the Middle East
  • The Feminine Light in Latin America
  • The Feminine Light in North America
  • The Feminine Light in Russia

During the symposium is the presentation of The Star Rose Awards designed by i-We to recognize those people who share in leading the way toward enlightenment through self-esteem and benevolence, a supportive life force which benefits humanity. Star Rose reflects the rich history associated with the eight-pointed star found in i-We’s logo and is a symbol associated with Innana who is considered the most prominent female deity in ancient Mesopotamia. As a goddess, Innana embodies the cycles of a woman’s life as well as love and death or the transformation of the soul while the meaning associated with rose is grace, joy, and appreciation.


  • Birthing and Being
  • Learning and Leading
  • Offering and Sharing
  • Giving and Forgiving
  • Living and Contributing
  • Observing and Listening
  • Voicing and Honoring
  • Enjoying and Providing



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The Feminine Light in the Middle East Symposium 2011

The first Feminine Light Symposium was held on The International Day for Tolerance, November 16th, 2011 at The Century Plaza Hotel, Los Angeles, California.

The Feminine Light in the Middle East Symposium was designed to promote the strategic work of I-WE, nonprofits, businesses, and unique individuals who realize that women with a vision and value are key to bringing a greater peace to that region. On Unesco’s International Day for Tolerance, The Feminine Light in the Middle East Symposium: A Vision of Women that honors our Worth and encouraged us to create a life of Purpose: A vision, A Gender Declaration of Interdependence, that offered unconditional support to Men.

On this day, we showed gratitude for our blessings and achievements and joined with others creating a voice of tolerance, leading the way toward greater personal and global fulfillment. Today, we looked toward the women in the Middle East and explored ways to support them in their security, self-worth and purpose. Together we worked toward a harmony that found balance between the feminine and the masculine, leaving a healthy legacy for our children.

This day was the official launch of the Institute of Women’s Enlightenment and gave birth to an action plan for working together toward the common good of women everywhere. We:

  • Developed our consciousness with regard to the nature of our identity as women
  • Promoted an exchange of ideas that will live on after the event
  • Created a vision of understanding and encouragement
  • Found practical ways to support women and girls in the Middle East
  • Developed an action plan for ensuring that women’s and girl’s voices are heard

It was a day of discovery, illumination, definition, and enlightenment. Also we enjoyed music, soulful sounds, savory tastes, and celebrations of the Star Rose Awards.


For Birthing and Being: Barbara Lazaroff

For Learning and Leading: Nile El Wardani

For Offering and Sharing: Linda Higdon

For Giving and Forgiving: Mrs. Hoori Sadler

For Living and Contributing: Mary Apick

For Observing and Listening: Amie Williams and Meena Nanji

For Voicing and Honoring: Shepha Vainstein and Itaf Awad

For Enjoying and Providing: Ayelet Zurer



Enlightenment Provided By:

Annie Gersh – UN Foundation Girl Up –

Mrs. Hoori Sadler – Founding Chair PACI:

Nile El Wardani, MPH, PhD – public health, development & cultural diplomacy consultant & independent journalist:

Rudabeh Shahbazi – Eyewitness News Reporter: ABC 7 KABC

Mary Apick – Actress/Writer/Human Rights Activist: Beneath the Veil, A Fairy Tale in the Forest and Jewel of the Night –

Suzie Abdou – Director Global Programs:

Necar Zadegan – Actress: Unthinkable, The Event, 24, CSI: Miami-

Elham Gheytanchi – Educator: Santa Monica College

Malaak Hattab – Child Actress: Purple Sail, Murder 101-

Nonie Darwish – Author/ Human and Women’s Rights Activist:

Samira Kazemeni – Miss Exotic Lady World and Miss Iran 2011

Amie Williams – Executive Director/Co-Founder:

Meena Nanji – International Programs/Co-Founder:

Tabby Biddle – Journalist Girl’s Empowerment:

Sharon Jakubecy – M.AmSAT Alexander Tech:

Kirsten Giles – Development Coordinator:

Fariba Mansouri – Clinical Psychologist:

Dr. Shahrzad (Sherry) Sami –

Foojan Zeine – Psychotherapist:

Libby and Len Traubman – Co-founders, Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue:

Sheila Vosough Ommi – MC, Moderator, Actress, Comedian -

Linda Higdon – Founder/Host:

Biija – Artist:

Wendy Arnold – Educator:

Max Amini – Comedian:

Stephanie Dawn – Sacred Birth Counselor:

Elan Frank – Women’s Filmmaker:

Alex Warden – Sufi Mystic/Montessori Educator:

Jalaledin Ebrahim – Ph.D. Candidate in Depth Psychotherapy:

Yaelle Shaphir – Wellness Healer:

Liyah Lapidot – Singer/Song Writer:

Dalit Argil – Singer/Song Writer

Maya Gabay – Sacred Dancer of the Middle East –

Banafsheh Sayyad – Sacred Dancer, Teacher, Acupuncturist,

Jodie Myers – Birthing Filmmaker:

Aleya Sher Coolidge – Amabassador I-WE

Shaeda Moghaddam – Inspiring Coordinator

Jacques Derosena – Inspiring Coordinator

Stephany Lane Yarbrough – Founder I-WE:

With your participation!

Commitment to action bringing feminine light to life at home and in the Middle East in the acknowledgment and recognition of our own foundational value as women.







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