Celebrate Integrity to Leadership

Topic Progress:

The Ownership Practicum


Question: Is it important to make a change to make life better?

Experiment: Choose one way you would like to experience leadership. What is that way?

Life Practice: Live that way you would like to experience leadership for 3 days. Journal your experience.

Your Imagination: If a woman, what would be 3 benefits of masculine leadership? If a man, what would be 3 benefits of feminine leadership?

Share in the Forum: What are 3 benefits of masculine or feminine leadership?

Reflect on this… What’s mine is yours, and what is yours is mine.

– Shakespeare, Measure for Measure, V, i


The Message in the Bottle:

Nurturing the world comes from spirit.


Interdependence is an honor we all share.


What is the power of honor, but in the giving of our worth.

You have now completed the first Passage of Womanhood and Spiritual Leadership and have a sense of your magnificence and the possibilities that your life creates.


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