Celebrate Respecting Gender Differences

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Other passages???The Woman of Worth Passage reveals the 17 gifts of value that women bring to relationships. These represent expressions of a woman’s being – a choice to honor and how to honor ourselves.

????A Sweet Remembrance,an e-book for the emotional impetus of I-WE. A personal Heroine’s Journey through the traumatic unfolding of a magnificent love story gone awry. An intimate story of a union born from the innocence of joy without a worth consciousness which culminated in awakening – The Enlightenment of Being.











The Ownership Practicuum
Do you want to honor your spirit by acknowledging sexual differences?
Experiment: Which polarity spoke most deeply to you?
Life Practice: Live the positive side of that polarity for 3 days. Journal your experience.
Your Imagination: List 3 ways you would like your spirit to be honored daily?  What would you like to receive daily for your spirit to feel honored?
Share in the Forum: What are 3 ways you would like to feel honored?
Conundrum: You cannot go back, you must go forward to go back.
The Message in the Bottle: To honor our relationships as women and men returns us to well-being.











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Wow! You have done it again by honoring and celebrating yourself!

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