Honor Awareness to Commitment

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The Word


What is commitment?

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The Soul Gift


Care represents commitment. To have a commitment is to care about something or someone. Without commitments, we are neither hopeful nor respectful. Without which honor is not possible. When we honor an ideal, a person, a…, an experience… we too reflect that back into our lives. Having to care suggests we understand the benefits of interdependence and in doing so can help to evolve the very nature of humanity. But is it possible to evolve the nature of humanity or are we just isolated human beings that know no other way to alleviate suffering, but to put bandaids on symptoms and call it philanthropy. The care of individuals heals the suffering, the care of men honors relationship, the care of women chooses relationship and relationship is commitment.


Reflect on this… What’s mine is yours, and what is yours is mine.

– Shakespeare, Measure for Measure, V, i

The Survey


Does being clear with your commitments stabilize you?


What commitments have you made to yourself? (Check the three most important commitments)


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