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A Personal Vision

Guiding Humanity


The Music Choices provided for the week are: Big Bird in a Small Cage, Breakaway, and Somethin’ Special.  Which of these songs resonates with you presently?


The Word


What is guidance?


A Definition:  Guidance is advice or information aimed at resolving a problem or difficulty, especially as given by someone who can lead or direct the way; to help or assist in another’s conduct or course of life; a device for steadying or directing the motion of something.


We are all in motion down to the smallest of molecules in our bodies.  Our outward physical motion is our interaction with one another.  Our inward motion is motivated by our emotions.  Emotions incite our actions.  Emotions are the conduit toward growth helping us to create a personal vision for cultivating the gifts we have been given to express.  When we move toward our goals we feel satisfied.  When we are blocked or challenged by a force greater than ourselves, we look for guidance in our maturity.


Either guiding or seeking guidance is a natural state for human beings.  It is our way of interacting and sharing our humanity.  We seek guidance in a variety of ways:   from how we fix our cars, how we educate our children, how we meet legal challenges, and how we heal physical illness to how we learn to strengthen self-esteem, improve communications, accomplish goals, and meet the unknown while developing greater clarity of our worth and value, bringing us ever closer to the fulfillment of our maturity.  Of course these are just a few examples.

Is the guidance we seek important to how we can honor interdependence?  We all need each other, we live together on this planet.  We are all forms of energy guided by a consciousness to look for fulfillment.  If the fulfillment of women can be categorized as the esteem placed on the spirit and its ability to express itself, can we not find an expression that through our personal visions we have all in common as women?  If the maturity of women is the spirit manifested well in the world for the sake of a better, more evolved world, in our unions, families, communities to the broader more far ranging culmination of humanity in the world, wouldn’t it be best to have a road map toward self-enlightenment and social relationships of health?


Can we agree that the nurturing guidance of a mother teaches children to care and relate to one another well?  This guidance that a mother teaches is the guidance of and for humanity.  We are all like children in search of who we are and how to be accepted and how to express ourselves to find personal satisfaction.  We all have a journey we are following, some have more side paths, some are circular and some lead nowhere.  Can we as women take our personal visions of uniqueness, honoring those while embracing the maturity of motherhood, no matter our age or our biological experience of mothering, and manifest our guidance as women, as spiritual leaders of humanity?


The Soul Gift


We have come from an understanding that humanity is to be expressed through an equality of insight shared. In olden times, this shared vision has been one where men take action and women are either seen as valuable or not in the nature of being women. Due to an evolutionary shift in consciousness inciting women to come into their own conscious awareness of purpose and worth, in order to limit the abusive physical power of men and take care of their own well being, the care of relationships have not been tended and are without guidance The symptoms of this lack of guidance are everywhere. And even men no longer have the desire to honor. They are confused. And so it is now a time to return to our ability to guide, not in terms of manifesting actions to provide, but in our natural abilities to guide toward honor and to be honored, inspire and be inspired. What purpose does it serve to guide humanity?  Humanity can be seen in the stillness of time as a slice of life and reflection of our inward stillness of being, however imperceptible the movement of emotions, as a measure of peace.


Much can be said for the spiritual guidance of souls lost in the darkness of the unknown, yet together in the unfolding of your humanity, caring with a vision transforming, growing and nurturing one another through time, allows for enlightenment or a state of peace.


This I have found to be true.


Reflect on this… Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing left to add – but when there is nothing left to take away. ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Airman’s Odyssey


Be at peace on your journey.


The Survey


Do you have a natural ability to care?

If not, would you like to?


Do you have a natural ability to care? (y/n)

If not, would you like to? (y/n)


Caring is your connection to the welfare of others and the realization that we are all connected.  When one chooses to care, one realizes that the pain and suffering of humanity is caused by a sense of separation that is crying out for light.  In the darkness of pain for a healing to occur, this cry for light may require acceptance and compassion or an experience of independence to learn about the development of worth or value.  Caring is the ability to feel what is necessary for growth and which is best to nurture.



Do you have a natural ability to guide?

If not, would you want to?


Do you have a natural ability to guide? (y/n)

If not, would you want to? (y/n)


Guidance is your ability to improve the welfare of yourself and others and the realization that humanity calls upon leaders to move us from darkness into an evolved state of growth for the betterment of our survival and potential fulfillment.  Whether humanity or technology takes the form for growth is a gauge for survival and fulfillment.  In either case, guidance can be called upon to advance the health and harmony of relationship or the expansion and ease of life.  The guidance of insight in both cases fosters a mutual respect of interdependence between the spiritual/emotional and physical/mental worlds within a social context.  Guidance begins with yourself, first and foremost, and then in relationship, so in fact we all must learn to guide.


a guage for our fulfillment can be understood as a growth in our humanity or tech



What do you care about?

List top 5 in relationships:


List top 5 in causes/ideals:
(Repeat 5 relationships)

In which of your relationships does your guidance take the form of acceptance or independence?


(Repeat 5 causes/ideals)


Which of your causes or ideals require from you more acceptance or independence to guide your body as female or male?




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