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A Personal Vision

Knowing Self


The Music Choices provided for the week are: What Is My Life, Thank You for Hearing Me, and City of Refuge. Which of these songs resonates with you presently?




The Word


What is choice?


A Definition:  Choice is the act of picking or deciding between 2 or more possibilities; the opportunity or power to make a decision.


Polarities help us to view these choices more clearly.  Some foundational choices presented in our lives act like beacons moving us closer to our truth and to live in alignment with that truth.  Some choices are difficult to make because we are not sure whether that will best lead to our ultimate fulfillment.  Some choices require facing fears and looking deep within ourselves to challenge our ability to accept ourselves in our vulnerabilities and our strengths.  Choice helps us to become human and reflect on our worth or value.


Choice is simply the means for a greater potential of purposeful self-expression through being and action.


The Soul Gift


There are so many interesting distractions and voices pulling us in so many directions.  Sometimes it requires effort to focus on ourselves to go inward to listen to our souls and yet, if we want to know who we are, this is what we must do.


Some say choice is merely a reflection of ourselves and our will to make a decision about whether we can manifest light from our own darkness.  Joy in this case can be interpreted as our ability to find our worth or value best reflected in the world.  Here is where choices of our significance comes in.  How significant do we want to become?  How significant is your contribution to the vision of your life?  What is the lifestyle that substantiates your sense of feeling safe and happy?  Do you feel safer and happier in your being and/or doing?  Do you feel safe when you are receptive?  Do you choose relationships that have the potential for stability and which can positively enhance your receptive nature?


Reflect on this … “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Airman’s Odyssey


On the road toward self-realization, listening to yourself provides the key.


The Survey


  1.  Do you want to listen to yourself?  (yes/no)


Learning to listen to yourself, hear your intuition, insight, and/or hunches can assist you with support, grounding, problem solving, and ultimately guiding your spirit in its manifestation.  Clearing away distractions if only for 20 minutes a day by sitting in a receptive state, a state of mindfulness or meditation, makes way for clearer communication with your higher self and purpose.  This process of quieting your mind listening for feelings, impressions, and guidance connects you with that which is greater than yourself to be at one with your manifestation in terms of both your peace and joy.




If yes, what compels you to listen to yourself?

Trust in self

A strong intuition

Past mistakes


Taking time for self

Having greater influence

Needing to resolve challenges


Affirmative role models

Positive results

Stress reduction

The effects on health

Communal harmony

Social ease and connection

Maturity of wisdom

Connection with animals


Inner peace




If no, what distracts you from listening to yourself?

Not enough time

Past mistakes leading to mistrust in self

Never learned how

Rely on others for guidance

Too ambitious to slow down

Inability to structure time

Too many demands

Too busy surviving

Ill health


Controlled by others

Lack of ability to hold attention or focus

Not believing in self


If no, or are having difficulty, what distracts you from listening to yourself?

Not Enough Time

Past Mistakes Leading to Mistrust in Self

Never Learned How

Rely on others for guidance

Too Ambitious to Stop

Inability to Structure Time

Too Many Demands

Too Busy Surviving

Ill Health


Controlled by Others

Lack of Ability to Hold Attention or Focus

Not Believing in Self





You have said you are compelled to listen to yourself by the influence of (apply what is checked).  Remaining true to yourself requires listening.  Opening your life to a greater peace allows you to remain gracious and humble for the subtle gifts of light.



You have mentioned that you find difficulty listening to yourself because of a variety of factors, not to mention, learning to listen to yourself can sometimes be agitating.  No matter your difficulty, you can learn by just starting slowly and being gentle with yourself.  Get comfortable in either a sitting or lying position.  Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and exhale, breathing slowly through your nose.  With every other deep inhale repeat to yourself, “ I am at one with myself,” and with every other deep exhale, “ I open myself to my own well-being.  How shall I be guided in peace?”  Continue this for 5 minutes while listening to your soul.



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