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A Personal Vision

Valuing Worth


The Music Choices provided for the week are: She Acts Like a Woman, Find Me a Primitive Man, and  There’s Nothing Like a Dame or It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World.  Which of these songs resonates with you presently?


The Word


What is worth?


A Definition:  Worth is an amount of something that has a specified value, that lasts for a specified length of time; something that has usefulness or importance.


How is the nature of worth distinct from value?  Both worth and value are forms of energy.  The exchange of energy between human beings is the way in which needs are met.  When we look at worth, we can determine the energy that gives meaning to our lives.  The meaning of something or someone reflects our aspirations.   For women, these aspirations are the conduit to spirit and worth.  We aspire to fulfill our lives in ways that bring us joy, contentment, and the recognition of acceptance for who we are at the most human level — to feel efficacious (having the power to produce a desired effect), to have the ability to create the lives we want.  Worth is the everlasting source of importance and the well spring for self-esteem through which we can become effective.  Worth is the energy upon which trust is based, a belief in the reliability, goodness, and honesty of humanity.  Nurturing our interconnectedness with one another through emotions and healing the ability to trust through the recognition of another’s needs is the compassion of humanity.  Worth is both transformative and grounding in nature.


Value is the fair return or equivalence in goods, services, or money for something exchanged and, with respect to The Feminine Light, value is also the relative lightness or darkness of a color of something.  For men, value is the purpose of their ability to master the physical and material world.  It is the way in which men do business and provide for their needs.  The nature of value is seen in the act of exchange and respect.  Men go forth and act in the world to provide through doing:


– to bring to pass:  carry out <do another’s wishes>

– to put — used chiefly in <do to death>

– to perform, execute <do some work> <did his duty>

to commit <crimes done deliberately>

– to bring about, effect <trying to do good> <do violence>

to give freely:  pay <do honor to her memory>

– to put forth:  exert <did her best to win the race>

– to wear out especially by physical exertion:  exhaust <at the end of the race they were pretty well done>

to attack physically:  beat; also:  kill <We heard on the news that someone did them in>

– to bring into existence:  produce <do a biography on the general>

– to play the role or character of <do a role> <do an impression>

– to treat or deal with in any way typically with the sense of preparation or with that of care or attention <do it right the first time>

to put in order:  wash <did the dishes after supper>

to prepare for use or consumption; especially:  cook <like my steak done rare>

to set, arrange <had her hair done>

to decorate, furnish <did the living room in Early American> <do over the kitchen>

– to be engaged in the study or practice of <do science>; especially:  to work at as a vocation <what to do after college>

– to pass over (as distance):  traverse <did 20 miles yesterday>

to travel at a speed of <doing 55 on the turnpike>

to tour <doing 12 countries in 30 days>

– to spend (time) in prison <has been doing time in a federal penitentiary>

to serve out (a period of imprisonment) <did 10 years for armed robbery>

to serve the needs of:  suit, suffice <worms will do us for bait>

to treat with respect to physical comforts <did themselves well>

to use <doesn’t do drugs>

– to act, behave <do as I say>

– to get along, fare <do well in school>

– to carry on business or affairs:  manage <we can do without your help>

– to take place:  happen <what’s doing across the street>

– to be active or busy <let us then be up and doing — H. W. Longfellow>

– to be adequate or sufficient:  serve <half of that will do>

– to be fitting:  conform to custom or propriety <won’t do to be late>

– to bring to an end:  finish — used in the past participle <the job is finally done>

to have sexual intercourse with <he did her>


This doing for men is another way of saying, “My ability to act and go forth is my way of confirming my identity of value.  I am able to take action to accomplish in the world to derive confidence and effectiveness.  I can be efficacious.  I can manifest a goal and I have purpose and in so doing, my life has the value of exchange.”  This exchange component in relationships gives credence to the significance of a man’s life as the acceptance of what is true or real.  Without this confirmation of value, men can become lackadaisical (feeling or showing a lack of interest or enthusiasm) or even feel thwarted, resulting in confusion, depression, and frustration.


The awareness of this distinction between worth and value for men enables them to use the worth of women as a resource.  Women on the other hand, by not recognizing their own worth as women, can become victims in relationship.  If women determine worth and seek value as if they were men, not only are men confused, but women are lost without purpose.  The significance of their worth deteriorates and the world is left in darkness.  Worth is obscured.  Reality is obscured.  The ability to trust or be guided by that which is good no longer has relevance.  Social ideals are replaced by the masculine power to ever expand; worth is replaced by value; humanity is replaced by monetary greed; trust to distrust.


Is it possible for women’s worth to return and lead the way into the light?


The Soul Gift


Amorphous is the spirit, so how can it be measured to ascertain its value?  This is the quandary of women in relation to men and a difficulty for men in relation to women.  Your worth as a woman is in the very nature of your being, not in the nature of production.  Your spirit challenges the world to aspire to a quality of life, that which cannot be seen.  This quality is measured through the relationships that your spirit inspires.  As the source of life, you direct the possibilities of well-being and peace.  Are you at peace with yourself?  Do you value the life that your spirit’s worth brings?


Teaching worth and value to humanity is your ability to heal.  The art of spiritual guidance can be learned.  Do you appreciate both worth and value in relationships?  What do you want to teach your children about worth, value, relationship, and the significance of their lives?  The development of self-esteem and self-acceptance is the basis of effectiveness and happiness for both girls and boys.  Teaching worth to girls through the ability to have confidence in their bodies is fundamental, but so too is the knowledge of their worth and nature as female.  Unique talents and skills can be nurtured as blessings or gifts of the spirit.  Teaching boys about female worth not only respects the differences between women and men, but encourages them to learn to care for and honor the spirit of life while mastering their own value.


Reflect on this…“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Airman’s Odyssey


Nurture your worth as a woman and blossom.


The Survey


Do you value being a woman?

Do you value being a man?


  1.  Of the various gifts you bring into this world as a woman or man, which 3 right now do you value most?
  2. a)  My gift in the ability to _____________
  3. b)  My gift in the ability to _____________
  4. c)  My gift in the ability to _____________


Specific gifts that women bring into all relationships can be found in Womanhood and Worth Passage.
Do you value being a woman? (y/n/non-applicable)

If yes:  The key to your life, relationships, and endeavors is found in your self-worth and your humanity.  Rejoice in the vision of your spirit as worthy of your own security, happiness, and health.


If no:  The key to your life, relationships, and endeavors is found in your self-worth and your humanity.  Create the support necessary to nurture your self-worth and remember your spirit is worthy of security, happiness, and health and is the basis for developing self-acceptance, wisdom, and inner peace.


If non-applicable:  (See value being a man)


Do you value being a man? (y/n/non-applicable)


If yes:  The key to your life, success, and relationships is found in your ability to master the physical world through a vision, manifesting your talents and providing a lifestyle that feels comfortable for you and those with whom you share your life.  Rejoice in being a man who is honorable and following a path to serenity.  Manifesting your vision can be difficult in the world, but know you are here to live your humanity with maturity and profound fulfillment.


If no:  The key to your life, success, and relationships is found in your ability to master the physical world through a vision, manifesting your talents and providing a lifestyle that feels comfortable for you and those with whom you share your life.  These are the steps you must take to establish your self-respect and form significant relationships.  Learning and growing in maturity allows you to be a man who is honorable and manifesting a path to serenity.


If non-applicable:  If non-applicable: (See value being a woman)


Of the various gifts you bring into this world as a woman or man, which 3 right now do you value most?


  1. a)  My gift in the ability to _____________
  2. b)  My gift in the ability to _____________
  3. c)  My gift in the ability to _____________


With your 3 gifts that you currently bring into the world, how is value for these gifts returned to you?


(list the 3 gifts repeated from above?)



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