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The Word

What is a woman?

A definition:  A woman is an adult female person relating to, or being the sex that bears young or produces eggs.  What does that tell us about the creation of our meaning, the significance of our lives?  If the definition of feminine is characteristic of or appropriate or unique to women, how can either of these definitions of woman and feminine help us to educate ourselves in this regard?

Do the characteristics of being a woman–connecting, nurturing, talking, menstruating, childbearing, being intuitive and receptive, having different communication styles and chromosomes from men or even shopping for shoes–create meaning in our lives?

The answer is not really.  Understanding the nature of personal development with respect to manifesting desire, purpose, worth, as well as the value and honor of healthy relationships helps to create meaning in our lives.  In doing so, we are consciously building the meaning and significance of our lives and finding our voice.  Can we, as women, honor our voice together in our humanity of being women?




The Soul Gift

Who are we?

The question is how do we know what we need to know if we don’t know it?

Some say, and I would agree, it is through self-knowledge and growth that leads us toward an awakening of our purpose and self-fulfillment.

Though each of us creates meaning differently, this is a communal platform for the consciousness of women’s identity and significance to:

  • Establish more effective lives
  • Create happier and more compassionate relationships
  • Foster peace and contentment
  • Change the dynamics of the world for the betterment of humanity

Hello, let me introduce myself.  My name is Humaine and I’ve seen through time the inhumanity of man and chaos resulting from life’s imbalance between men and women.  Now, I welcome you to the wisdom of your life, the wisdom of your nature, and a journey of self-discovery.  Rebalancing your life and worth as a woman with a clear design for the maturity of your identity upon which you can build confidence can guide the health of all your relationships.

Reflect on this…“Oh you can’t get out backwards…gotta go forwards to go back…”

–Roald Dahl, Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory


Enjoy your week and who knows the gifts of tomorrow…

The Music Choices provided for the week are: It’s a Big World, One Woman, and One Voice.  Which of these songs resonates with you presently?

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