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The Context


Awareness of nature…Commitment to identity.  Humanity in all of its dimensions.

From, color, sexual orientation, age, ability, lineage, culture…..

With identity communicating clarity allows us to create. Some commitments have been to expansion and power to derive satisfaction in one form or another. Commitment comes with it, the ability to stay true to a long range goal.

An Insight


If we as women were to make a commitment to the ever lasting peace of relationships while honoring our individual drives and talents, what would that commitment look like? Would it be a commitment of such magnitude that it could alter the very existence of the way in which the world is presently conducted? What would be the awareness required before we were to make such a commitment? Would that awareness be about the very nature of ourselves as women? Could that awareness lead to fundamental shifts in relationship? Would this understanding allow us to respect and be respected by men so differently that men would be in awe? Could our awesomeness magnify in such a way as to significantly shift the powers that be? A commitment  to our own identity as women and together in a sisterhood can manifest changes of such a scale as to affect and cure the causes of suffering. As the gatekeepers and sponsors of worth, we can transform lives.


The Survey


What commitments enhance your life? (List – Check all that apply)


Are you ready to change your awareness to commitment?



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