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The Context


There are many ways to learn about ourselves and who we are.  Throughout time, we evolve in ways that allow us to move toward increasing our physical comfort.  Technology advances our efficiency and our ability to survive.  Education furthers our knowledge of how to live collectively.  The humanities give us the ability to reflect on the experience of life and its expression.  And yet, it is only through our self-reflection that we have a unique ability to find our purpose and our potential fulfillment, our sense of wholeness and our sense of completion as in a contented exhale of breath.


We are influenced by our genes, our upbringing through culture, family, social interactions, and experiences.  The food we eat, the air we breathe, the environment in which we live all influence us.  And we share those influences, even if they may be contrasting.  The eastern hemisphere is different from western, northern different from southern, but no matter the influence, we are all human beings and have worth and value.


All of these influences give us a sense of self to see life’s choices from different lenses.  As we grow older, we are presented with more choices, some more limiting than others which is not necessarily a bad thing.  Choices are the possibilities for our own growth and allow us to ask ourselves questions of how we feel we are aligned with our sense of self.  Many of these apparent choices are just noise.  The advances in technology, which are ever changing, increase the noise factor, even if they are tools for more efficient self-expression for all humanity.  Technological advances, along with more efficiency, also reduce the strengthening of bonds of trust.  The development of trust requires listening and often takes time to know the humanity and character of another to be safe.  Having integrity in relationship begins with the development of our own integrity and that too may take time.  Consciousness evolves through time.  It is for us to listen attentively to the unfolding of our lives that will bring us closer to understanding our own truth, a truth that allows us to express best the theme and the purpose of our lives.  The ability to know oneself is the ability to find our truth in order to express it in such a way as to enhance and fulfill our lives as well the lives of those for whom we care.


“Every great dream begins with a dreamer.  Always remember you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

-Harriet Tubman


An Insight


How do we learn to find truth for our lives?  We learn it by experimenting with our choices and by listening for the nuances of opportunities that exist with choice.  These nuances are the possibilities of expanded awareness to create for ourselves greater meaning, a meaning which enhances movement toward the significance of our lives.  Life is rich in choices and meaning.  When we are comfortable in our own significance, our worth or value, whether that worth or value is concretely reflected back to you in the world, we have found our ability to know ourselves.  Being guided by humility, our openness to the unknown of our life’s path unfolding and encouraging trust in the possibility of meaning, even in the darkness of times, gives us the opportunity to appreciate the blessings of a consciousness asserting itself to find its own light.


(Elude to HD Matrix)


In relationships, this humility lays the foundation for the potential for growth leading to the appreciation of humanity.  We are attracted to lessons of commitment that show us how to prepare for lives that are ultimately safe and happy through which joy can be honored.  All human beings experience the dynamics of change and seeking completion or wholeness brings us peace.  The dynamics of change are:


  • Personal change
  • Social transformations
  • Shifts in nature
  • Living on the edge of adventure


The ultimate goal is to find comfort and contentment by returning home to a relationship of being.  Women are the spirit of being.  Women must return to themselves.  Women in relationship with men must gain the wisdom of love to create significant meaning.  Learning to trust oneself as a woman begins with  lessons of worth.  As for women in relation to other women, this journey begins with a mutual appreciation of our humanity.  To love is to see one’s truth in worth, value, joy, and care expressed through the feminine and masculine polarities of life and in the cause of being human.


The emotional context of relationships reveals the ability to be human and to live our journey and our lessons through the process of life. Together, from our childhood to our adulthood, we share in learning about our worth, value, joy, and care as expressed through feminine and masculine polarities. Our attitude toward recognizing and reclaiming the innocence of each other as children forms the basis of our becoming mature adults, safe and happy together.


The Survey


What are 3 statements you would like to hear your voice say to you more? (open)


Do you think women desire to listen more to themselves?  y/n
What is 1 short statement you would like to hear your voice say to you more? (open)

Repeat the response


Repeat this statement to yourself every night before you go to bed.


Do you think women desire to listen more to themselves?  y/n


If answered yes:  As women, it is our time to listen well to ourselves and to one another.  Creating a collective voice as women entails gathering a collective consciousness that embraces our unique gift of transformation.


If answered no:  Today women can be a force of change for peace and yet it starts with ourselves.  If you do not think women desire to listen more to themselves, then who do women listen to?  Who do you listen to for self-guidance?



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