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The Context

What is the historical context of humanity?

The historical background of humanity can be seen as a struggle to know and to manifest value and worth to express it in order to survive and thrive.  Survival begins with acquiring human rights.  Thriving is the elevation of one’s gifts and talents to experience more fully the joys of life.  When our lives are stable and our human rights are recognized, our lives become more safe and happy.  When we feel relatively safe and happy, we can discover greater support for who we are and what we are doing.  When we find greater support, we are able to move into our expression and experience joy.  When we move into our expression of our purpose and experience joy, our lives become more fulfilled.

The fulfillment of our lives begins with establishing patterns of responsibilities, a structure that stabilizes our lives.  These patterns of responsibilities are born from polarities of humanity’s experience.  These negative and positive polarities range from:

  • Alienation to Universal Harmony
  • Dis-ease to Health
  • Oppression to Self-Determination
  • War to Philanthropy
  • Financial Collapse to Economic Boom
  • Extinguishing Resources to Expanding Opportunities
  • Suppression to Expression
  • Despair to Hope
  • Indifference to Compassion
  • Debasement to Honor
  • Darkness to Light
  • Illusion to Reality
  • Useless to Useful
  • Ignorance to Consciousness

These polarities represented through humanity become the means for enlightenment.  Moving through our experiences and attributing meaning create the significance that our life holds.

Enlightenment is the moment which opens oneself to the conscious fulfillment of the worth or value of one’s identity by experiencing one’s purpose in life in relation to the whole of humanity and rests in the knowledge of that purpose being perfectly fulfilled.  It is a state of having this knowledge or understanding and is the absence of desire or suffering.


“Enlightenment is not imagining figures of light but making the darkness conscious.”

– Carl Gustav Jung


To become enlightened requires understanding our worth or value to realize purpose and fulfillment.  The crux of life then becomes a subtle distinction, “the elephant in the room” of women’s and men’s consciousness; that is, the difference between the worth and value of spirit, being and doing, and the purpose of gender identities and the intention of enlightenment – that of an expanded awareness and alignment with one’s own truth.

Struggling for worth or value entails learning how to harness the resources of character, the combination of mental and ethical traits that distinguish one’s nature for a particular purpose.  Without consciousness of purpose, our awareness of worth or value is limited to our experiences, emotions, social influences, and our ability to learn.  To struggle for worth out of ignorance, indifference or debasement of humanity results in relationship challenges and human inequities.  Teaching worth and value to and recognizing the worth and value of all people are the solution to alienation and the separation of individuals from the health of humanity.

Thriving in worth and value leads us toward greater fulfillment embodying the purpose of our humanity: to express being and doing well.  By harnessing the resources of character and manifesting them, and establishing a consciousness of well-being, we can empower each other to be safe and happy physically in this world.  However, if men no longer show through gender the significance of keeping women or the spirit safe and happy, and women either have no consciousness of or no longer teach this principle and if neither men nor women have respect for gender identity through physical bodies and purpose, then symptoms of the negative polarity increasingly appear and the world moves toward greater ill health – not being well, if:


  • men no longer show the significance of keeping women or the spirit safe and happy
  • women either have no consciousness of or no longer recognize and teach worth and value
  • neither men nor women have respect for gender identity through physical bodies and purpose


The Purpose of The Feminine Light Journey Program

What is our essential nature as women and how is it different from men?  Is the purpose of our worth as women and the purpose of the value of men developed differently?  

Women have been in search of something — either by following in men’s footsteps to gain a greater sense of self-worth or by searching for something more than just a variant of the masculine model as the standard for all of life’s experiences and how they are measured and appreciated.  Betty Friedan, in her 1963 book The Feminine Mystique, claimed this dis-ease for western women as the dis-ease with no name. Maria Shriver, in her Shriver Report 2014, now calls the dis-ease of women, exhaustion.

The worth of a woman remains yet hidden; neither our remaining unconscious of our identity as women nor our ability to join the workforce as a means of identifying ourselves has proven effective.  Although there is a women’s emergence today, we have still not yet discovered our own identity as women to create the collective impact of well-being.

The Feminine Light Journey Program is the expressed difference between women and men and the nature of this difference in development. This developmental maturity is not based on the representation of spiritual archetypes as purely the social function of roles, but is the very essence of our identity, the nature of our being rising out of an inner sense of knowing and it’s healthy development.

The Feminine Light Journey Program includes a developmental model of identity, being and self-esteem and The Feminine Light journey is the journey of understanding the worth and purpose of being which is the enlightenment of fulfillment.  This is a developmental model of the consciousness of pure being, with or without change, as the nature of being woman, the spirit.  This is the light of consciousness that codifies the worth of actually being a woman as spirit presented in a contextual body of life’s knowledge.

The question becomes:  Are these differences fundamentally important to you?  To begin your journey toward the truth of your own life as a woman, you must deeply sense that the answer to this question is undeniably “Yes.”  How you understand your identity as a woman distinct from men and accepting and appreciating these differences is paramount if we are to create a New Foundation for enlightenment through women’s spiritual leadership.

The Feminine Light Journey is the first formalized, systematic and codified presentation of a woman’s developmental model offering an opportunity to hear our voices together in a sisterhood of spiritual well-being.   Our “usefulness” is not only in being spirit,  but in teaching boys how to become mature men who recognize and honor the well-being of the spirit.  Together, with a vision of well-being, women can create a more peaceful and joyful life for all.


The journey toward mature womanhood is the foundation of all of life and through experiencing and learning for yourself these nine Passages as the model of women’s identity and development, a peace and fulfillment is created within your own spirit out of which gives birth to a greater harmonious humanity:


The Passages of The Feminine Light Journey

  • Womanhood and Spiritual Leadership — The Collective Voice Passage — The New Solution for Enlightened Consciousness

The gifts to call your own and take with you:

  • The foundation for spiritual leadership
  • The identity of gender
  • A commitment of sisterhood for well-being and influence


  • Womanhood and Self-Leadership — The Identity Role Passage — The New Context for Women’s Development

The gifts to call your own and take with you:

  • The foundation for women’s development
  • The healing of women’s identity and relationships
  • A commitment of personal health


  • Womanhood and Motivation — The Emotional Muse Passage — A New Understanding for Self-Esteem

The gifts to call your own and take with you:

  • The foundation for women’s influence
  • Self-motivation as a healing agent
  • A commitment of emotional health


  • Womanhood and Boundaries — The Mental CEO Passage I — The New Choice for Self-Determination

The gifts to call your own and take with you:

  • The foundation for boundaries
  • The Light Matrix: The formation and maintenance of boundaries
  • A commitment of spiritual health


  • Womanhood and Self-Purpose — The Mental CEO Passage II — The New Alternative for Self-Ownership

The gifts to call your own and take with you:

  • The foundation for the practical application of boundaries
  • The Light Matrix: The management of boundaries and problem-solving
  • A commitment of mental health


  • Womanhood and Worth — The Spiritual Healer Passage — The New Way for Self-Realization

The gifts to call your own and take with you:

  • The foundation for women’s self-worth
  • The 17 gifts of women to relationship
  • A commitment of relationship health


  • Womanhood and Influence — The Social Visionary Passage — The New Voice for Global Healing

The gifts to call your own and take with you:

  • The foundation for vision development
  • Social expression and fulfillment
  • A commitment of social health


  • Womanhood and Joy — The Physical Partner Passage — The New Legacy for Our Children and Our World

The gifts to call your own and take with you:


The foundation for self-fulfillment

Sexuality and joy

A commitment of physical health and the health of humanity


  • Womanhood and destiny Passage ????



An Insight

What is the nature of enlightenment in relation to gender differences?

The nature of enlightenment whether for men or for women is the same:  a quest for a consciousness that leads toward self-fulfillment and the acceptance of and goodwill for our humanity together.  And yet, the key element making this fulfillment possible is in recognizing and honoring the essential differences of gender identity, empowering one another to be physically safe and happy in this world.

Becoming safe and happy together respects these differences.  But what is this gender difference, you are asking, that has been kept a secret from our own awakening that could possibly have so much significance?  The secret is…the nature of the spirit and its distinction between women and men.  Spirit is the light – the spark of life that informs fulfillment and energizes the will of purpose.  Women are Spirit, the breath of life and the very nature of being, the messengers of spirit.  Women’s being becomes the worth of the spirit.  Men have Spirit, the spirit of action, to go forth and do.  Men’s ability to manifest the spirit through action is the value of spirit.  And this subtle distinction of spirit is the difference and is both purposely and developmentally unique.  By understanding this distinction, we can better establish unions of safety and happiness.

The dignity of worth and value is the dignity of spirit.  For women, the dignity of worth lies in being, the essential nature of spirit.  For men, the dignity of value lies in action, the usefulness of spirit. To know the purpose of our worth and value while maintaining our humanity is enlightenment.  And the dignity of women’s spirit is the dignity of humanity.

The reason we as women have had only a limited understanding of our identity is that it is not an easy task to be the spirit of life, to be the unseen and to step outside to see ourselves.  It is our evolutionary time now.  Women in our beingness embody the nature of worth as the spirit of life, as the essence of life and humanity.  Men in their doing take from the feminine source to establish value and either confirm our worth or not by honoring the spirit that fuels their lives.  It is our time to participate in a partnership of consciousness.


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