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The Context

What is the historical context of being a woman?

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

-Carl Gustav Jung

Does the historical passing of time reflect a significant growth of consciousness for both women and men?  It may be said that the modern history of women is the history of rediscovering a feminine voice.  What is this feminine voice?  Technology has advanced, but has the nature of humanity?  This in part due to women not yet having a collective consciousness for our own identity and maturity as women through which we are able to advance humanity and be in honored partnership.

Historically, women as a whole can be seen as members of a global society not warranting recognition of their worth.  How have women’s rights, love, talents, worth, and joy been supported throughout history?  Women, for the most part up until present day, have been excluded from most aspects of diplomatic, economic, political, scientific, and cultural history.  Throughout history, women have been seen as an afterthought and have been excluded from their human rights, such as the right to:

  • physical and sexual self-determination
  • an education
  • vote
  • own property
  • choose a livelihood
  • talent recognition

Through exclusion, or worse yet, slavery and violence, women have been and are often still controlled, feared, and terrorized.  From witch hunts to honor killings, from rape to sexual slavery, from abuse to abandonment, women have been at the mercy of men, the masters of the physical world.  Only relatively recently have we begun to establish our human rights, find our physical place in the world, and have the opportunity to realize our purpose of worth.

Who are we?  Where do we come from?  Where are we going?  Are we shortchanging ourselves in terms of our value as women when we are only attempting to be seen by our ability to establish value equal to men through career opportunity? Could we have all encompassing worth as women?  What is our voice saying to the world about our worth in terms of being women?  Can we create and share this voice to survive and thrive collectively?

How can women both affect and effect women’s social history and the health of humanity by influencing events and social change?



An Insight

What is the journey toward maturing the nature of womanhood?

You can hear yourself say, The journey toward maturing womanhood is the developmental consciousness of making meaning so I can effect purpose in my relationships and become a spiritual leader to help govern the health of humanity by recognizing my own self-worth and vision of purpose as the guiding principle of humanity–The Feminine Light nurturing all.

Finding my voice as a woman is the key to my own enlightenment.  Realizing a new consciousness of women’s identity, development, and maturity allows us as women to gather together, much like that of a union, to be a humanitarian force of change and live more effective lives.



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