What is i-We?

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i-We is a women’s hub spearheading the well-being of life through a women’s personal development program and providing resources to women for the growth, maturity, fulfillment, and efficacy of life, healing and evolving themselves, their relationships, and humanity. 

i-We details the identity of women and how, through a clear cut understanding of the nature of women and men, where there is no ambiguity, purpose is aligned and roles are defined, a relationship can be established with a solid foundation for a union or partnership that is strong, elevated by the vision of woman and through a sense of purpose by Man.

Although women have many talents to offer the world, the focus of i-We is to lay the groundwork for self-knowledge and confidence in the very nature of womanhood itself.

This site is for women or those who consider themselves women who want to better understand themselves in order to live more efficacious lives as women: to live with greater self-worth, meaning, purpose, and influence in their personal and social relationships to positively impact the health and evolution of humanity.

What is the significance of our meaning as women?

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Our Mission Statement: To support the maturity of girls, women as spiritual leaders, and men with respect to heal the planet and guide our lives toward a living peace.

This mission is highlighted by the creation of a collective consciousness of women’s identity, worth, and purpose to support the health of relationship and the world through spiritual leadership.

Spiritual leadership is the recognition of spirit and the expression of it to foster maturity and lead by self-worth, an aligned purpose of gender, compassion for self and others, and a vision of care that manifests virtue, responsibility, exchange, maturity, meaning, and well being.

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Our Premise: Honoring the lives of all people is important in building a healthy community.

Our premise is founded upon compassion and the knowledge that equal rights belong to all human beings, women, men, and the alternative community. Only by working together will we realize a humanity of acceptance and enlightenment. Now is the time to create a global community that understands gender worth, resulting in the healing of humanity, the easing of life’s struggles, and the allowance of greater peace and joy. It is time for women to accept and recognize a practical enlightened consciousness of self-worth, as distinct from male self-worth in order to co-create a world where spirit is honored and man is respected.

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Our Purpose: To strengthen women’s identities through women-centered education.

Our purpose is to provide proprietary educational services, experiences and products—designed just for women—that encourage women to honor themselves through a practical, enlightened consciousness of self-worth.  i-We offers a psychological and foundational framework for developing and strengthening women’s identities. By realizing the light of our own value, we as women are the critical component necessary to healing and honoring ourselves, our relationships, and the world.

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Our Desire: To create a healthier world by recognizing and balancing masculine and feminine strengths.

Our desire is to nurture a sensibility that recognizes women’s unique worth, creating a paradigm shift that balances the subtle power between masculine and feminine strengths, thereby disrupting the cycle of humanity’s suffering and moving it toward greater peace and joy.

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Our Goals: To assert that no matter our social framework, family or culture, women’s self-esteem is the determining factor in the health of the world as it is the basis for all relationships.

Our goals include:

  • Providing a unified global voice for women’s identity, worth, and purpose which also endorses intended individual purpose, natural talents and abilities while respecting man’s worth.
  • Addressing the challenge of women and girls today, creating an environment where they can be safe and happy and their spirits joyful.
  • Affirming the global leadership potential of women as healers, mothers, educators, relationship builders, peacemakers, spiritual guides, and experts.
  • Nurturing a sensibility and a paradigm shift balancing the power between masculine and feminine strengths to disrupt the cycle of humanity’s suffering and move toward greater peace and joy.
  • Offering men an understanding of women that allows them to better create relationship and co-partner with women and live more fulfilling lives together.
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Our Vision: To build a new social community that respects the distinction between women and men, healing the planet, and living in an enlightened consciousness while evolutionary growth and fulfillment for all is the groundwork for peace.

Our vision incorporates:

  • An elevated consciousness of women’s moral and spiritual leadership.
  • An enlightened world honoring the spirit of women as the essential nature of all of life.
  • A heightened consciousness of respect for man.
  • A new gender partnership model created through mutual respect and co-creation.
  • A social evolution toward maturing humanity offering greater global peace and fulfillment.
  • A new platform from which our children can create their own legacy of fulfillment.
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kurt godel

To…. can be a challenge.

Development is individual… and often the best way to discover one’s truth is to live in darkness until the need and the struggle for consciousness exerts itself in the direction that is most favorable to a person’s particular journey.

To honor timing can be a challenge.


Can women move from being lost, bored, confined, restricted, separate, purposeless, exhausted, depressed, unhappy, and inefficacious to create meaningful significance in their own lives and in the lives of others through spiritual leadership and forward evolution toward the laws that govern harmony?

Can women come together on the same page of development and lead toward enlightenment, a life of peace?

Can we we be inspired to find new ways to experience joy, a joy that has its roots in the very purpose of our soul and in the dignity of being woman?

Can we create or be the solution?

Can women learn to value their own developmental model instead of borrowing the masculine model of development as if it were its own?

Is it possible for women to become a collective voice for spiritual leadership?

To share and manifest a big dream as an ideal can be a challenge.



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